The Advantages of Facial Recognition Software That Everyone Should Know About

by Peter Lorenz IntellQ Visual Intelligence Solutions

Facial recognition systems can be used to enhance public security, track down thieves and burglars in retail outlets, ensure better worker attendance, and guarantee safe payment.


Facial recognition refers to a biometric software application that is able to uniquely identify and verify a person by comparing and analyzing characteristics based on the facial contours of the individual. This technology is mainly applied in security services. However, there is an increasing demand in other fields. Facial recognition technology has received enormous attention over the years because it has the potential to be used in a variety of applications associated with law enforcement and other enterprises.


Improved public security

Face recognition technology makes it much easier to track down trespassers, thieves, and burglars. This technology is able to analyze the feed from private and public camera networks. Facial recognition can also be used to find missing seniors and children. In addition, it makes the security checkpoints in areas such as airports to be less intrusive to the passengers. The police can use this face detection software solution to detect suspects among crowds and this can reduce security stops and searches on the many law abiding citizens.



Facial recognition systems can be invaluable to retail businesses. They can be used to check what types of products most consumers are browsing, but never purchase. In addition, security professionals can use these systems to instantly identify recognized retail criminals, shoplifters, and people who commit fraud whenever they enter retail establishments. With advanced biometric analysis, security officials can rely on real-time data instead of the outdated and time-consuming technique of posting pictures in the loss prevention offices within the businesses.



Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, is developing its payment service AliPay to integrate face recognition software. Master card is also researching ways of replacing their debit and credit card with a selfie. All these are aimed at helping customers to pay for their purchases without using sensitive payment methods such as credit or debit card. Additionally, it will enhance the prevention of identity theft and fraud and also eliminate the need to remember personal identification (PIN) numbers or passwords.


Better worker attendance systems

Businesses across the world experience time fraud from their employees and this one of the most common work ethics violations. Although most workers are honest, there are some who liaise with security personnel or staff members to skip work and still get a salary. Time fraud not only affects the companies, but also the honest workers. Facial recognition technology can be used to prevent time fraud in the workplace. Facial recognition systems can be used during check-in and check-out hours to help employers know those who were at work and those who were not. The use of facial recognition is fast and the employees do not have to show proof of their identities or clock in using plastic cards.


Developments in the facial recognition field are occurring at a rapid pace. Although the wide range of applications of visual intelligence solutions holds much promise, there is need for caution. Businesses that want to utilize facial recognition systems must understand this and approach their strategy with consideration and care. Companies that manage to achieve this will surely reap the immense benefits of facial recognition. 

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