How Facial Recognition Software Benefits Businesses

by Peter Lorenz IntellQ Visual Intelligence Solutions

Facial recognition software can boost businesses through enhanced security, boosting productivity of office-based and field employees, and the convenience of using face recognition with other tools and applications.

Until recently, facial recognition technology was restricted to security personnel and scientists. However, this technology has many business applications today. Facial recognition is a form of applied machine learning that can be used for detecting and identifying human faces. This opens up new and exciting opportunities for businesses and governments. Here are ways that businesses benefit from facial recognition technology.


Enhanced security is one of the most obvious benefits companies enjoy from facial recognition technology. For years, businesses have been using two-factor authentication such as security questions to boost security. Over time, this process has evolved to incorporate biometric authentication such as facial recognition. AI facial recognition software scans employees’ faces and this information is transformed into a mathematical formula. It is then compared to a database, which verifies that the face actually matches the name. Such innovative technology provides a powerful way for keeping your company data safe from phishing and other cyber-attacks. For companies that provide employees with devices for work, these devices can be protected from unauthorized use or theft.


Facial recognition technology does not require magnetic cards or special keys for verification. Therefore, no external things will be stolen, manipulated, or lost. Furthermore, facial expression recognition software can also be used alongside other supporting apps to make payroll and scheduling more accurate and streamlined. This is the kind of convenience that any business would love to have.


Most organizations have different levels of clearance for various departments. With facial recognition, the privacy of employees can be protected. For example, managers can access the time records and schedules of their personnel as well as HR and accounting records. However, the access of the employees can be restricted to specific information that is related to their job and this helps to protect the privacy of every individual in the organization.


Boost Employee Productivity

Today, most employees are distracted by Smartphone’s and social media platforms. Businesses can reduce the risks associated with these distractions by using a face detection software solution to hold their employees accountable. For instance, field workers or office workers will record better performance when their time is recorded using facial recognition. Additionally, managers using this technology can take vacations or business trips without having to track or hover workers in person.


AI facial recognition software has lots of applications for businesses and as it continues to evolve, it is likely that its uses will increase. Although there are still concerns regarding some facial recognition aspects, it is undisputable that technology such as AR, VR, and AI are transforming the ways the world conducts business. Business owners need to embrace these technologies to guarantee improved customer services, security, productivity, and accuracy within their companies.

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