The Future of Dating — Applying What We Learned During the Pandemic

by Tess D. Content Strategist

The COVID-19 pandemic created a devastating sense of isolation, especially when it came to dating. Fear took over, and we were left feeling unsure and uneasy about the future. 

With time, we learned how to adapt to a new way of life by developing safer ways of interacting with others and new approaches to allow intimate relationships to flourish and grow.

Pandemic Lessons 101

Between social distancing requirements and most social gatherings being shut down, dating became no easy task. You could no longer just meet up at a bar for a drink or go out to a nice dinner. However, the pandemic did allow us to take a deeper look into how to meet someone while still maintaining the new normal through health and safety precautions.

  • Taking Things More Slowly If anything, the pandemic taught us all to slow down. In dating, this is a must. 

    • Getting to really know each other first and making a connection became a priority.

    • The pandemic forced us to get to know each other on a deeper level before physical intimacy could take place.

  • Focusing More on Each Other Instead of going out to fancy dinners or concerts, we were forced to spend more quality time together, paying attention and listening to one another more deeply.

    • There were far fewer distractions around, which can be a deterrent when trying to get to know someone.

    • With fewer outside factors, it was easier to focus on the qualities of the other person.

  • Increased Compassion and Understanding — Knowing that we are all in this pandemic together helped soften our hearts for one another.

    • Partners became less accusatory and more forgiving of things that would likely have upset them previously.

    • Everyday relationship issues have become more easily navigable.

  • Being More Creative Figuring out how to date during the pandemic caused us to pull resources from the creative side of our brain to find ways to get to know one another better, such as:

    • Going for walks, hikes, bike riding, and other safe outdoor activities.

    • Creating a virtual date online where you can cook dinner, talk, and even watch a movie together.  

Feeling isolated due to a lack of social interaction caused us to rely more on the internet to meet prospective partners. 

Internet Dating — The Communication Connection

Internet dating increased and having virtual dates became the new normal. But there are still definite online dating do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

Online dating became the primary way to interact and get to know someone new, but it also came with certain pros and cons

Because internet dating is less personal, it can lead to a disconnect in communication. Fortunately, the internet also offers many tools to assist with your connection.

A Dating Liferaft  

Sometimes, we can use a little help from trained professionals who can guide us through the benefits of counseling psychology, which can help prevent relationships from breaking down. Thankfully, we also have outstanding technology to assist us, such as telehealth and therapy. This remarkable way to connect allows both partners to log in either together or separately, which provides a dating liferaft to help resolve a conjugal crisis.

Some of the benefits that counseling can provide include:

  • Learning how to set personal boundaries, which can be extraordinarily helpful in gaining mutual respect for one another

  • Helping to resolve relationship roadblocks that couples may encounter on their dating journey

  • Deepening intimacy and promoting self-awareness and personal growth

  • Keeping your emotional wants and needs in perspective and communicating your feelings in a considerate and loving way

The Future of Dating — Post-Pandemic

Applying the lessons we learned during the pandemic to build a new approach to dating can help create stronger bonds. Seeing the beauty and value of your partner is imperative, and this can be expressed through loving and meaningful communication.

Communicating well takes thought and care. As Joseph Bordelon, Licensed Professional Counselor at Christian Counseling Austin, advises, “in addition to rephrasing accusations into personal ‘I feel’ statements, expressing gratitude to each other daily and carving out intentional space in their schedules to spend quality time together are great techniques for building a couple’s communication.” Speaking to your partner with compassion and prioritizing time with them can immeasurably improve your ability to communicate well and build your relationship.

Personal relationships are vital to our overall well-being, and having that human connection is essential for our mental and emotional sanity. But doing this safely is also imperative. The pandemic stirred up enormous fear in many people, but it also forced us to re-evaluate and find creative ways to bridge the mandatory gap created by COVID-19. 

The pandemic required us all to change in many ways, but we’ve discovered new ways to connect and grow by adapting, allowing our true selves to finally be seen and accepted. 

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