Termite Control - How to Get Rid of Termites

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Termites are serious pests that can destroy your home, but you don't have to let them get the better of you. The best way to protect your home from these destructive creatures is to keep up with routine termite inspections and preventative measures by a qualified professional. The most effective preventative measure is to choose wood that doesn't need to be in contact with soil, and to pretreat all exposed wood on your property before construction. This can be done with a wood preservative, such as boron, before construction starts or with a chemical treatment. Regular termite inspections are also key to early detection of these pests.

If your home has a current termite infestation, there are several methods that your jaipur Termite Control services specialist can use to eradicate them. For example, liquid termiticides can be sprayed around the perimeter of your home to create a barrier that deters them from getting in. Alternatively, bait stations can be set up that house chemical materials that termites ingest and take back to their colonies, effectively killing them at the source.

Another popular method for treating existing colonies is to inject a termiticide directly into wood that's infested. This can be done by drilling holes through the surface of the wood and then injecting the termiticide with a rodding tool. This technique can be used in areas where the infestation is deep within the wood or for old, dry and rotted wood.

If all else fails, a fumigation might be necessary. During this process, your house is sealed off and then treated with a gas that permeates every part of it, killing the termites and their eggs. This is typically only required for very severe and persistent termite infestations.

Several non-chemical and "organic" treatments are also sometimes recommended for termites. These include beneficial nematodes, fungi, sand barriers and orange oil. Beneficial nematodes are microscopic roundworms that kill a wide variety of garden pests, including termites. Fungi can be used to help treat existing colony or to prevent new ones from forming, and sand barriers can be applied as a physical barrier that impedes termite access.

For termite prevention, it's important to regularly clear away any firewood stacks and wood debris from your home. Also, be sure to check your gutters frequently and keep them clean, as clogged or blocked ones can create damp environments that attract termites. Using mulch made without wood, such as rubber or gravel instead of traditional wood chip mulch, is also a good idea. And if you're planning to build an outdoor structure, consider choosing termite-resistant wood.

If you have any questions about your termite problem or need to schedule an inspection, please contact us at Terminix. Their trained specialists have years of experience battling termites and will design an advanced plan for your specific situation to both remove existing colonies and prevent future infestations. And remember, their services come backed by a comprehensive guarantee so you can feel confident in their work.

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