How to Get Rid of Termites – 5 Signs That You have a Termite Infestation

by Austin Baines Content Writer

It’s awful as a homeowner to think that you might have termites eating away at your house that you worked so hard to buy. But before you rush into thinking about how to get rid of termites, first you must make sure you actually have a termite infestation, because termite treatment cost can be very expensive.

The first option is to call a Pest Control Melbourne company to perform a free inspection. The problem with this is that they perform these free inspections in hopes of finding a problem that they will then have to fix, at your cost. But the second option which I recommend is to survey your home yourself.

5 signs of a termite infestation:

Here are 5 signs that you have a termite infection that you should look for during your own inspection.

1. Swarming

This is generally the first sign that tips proprietors off to having a termite infestation. Swarming is maybe the most detectable sign that you may have a termite problem. Swarms are most often found in spring season, because this is when termites fly from their old colonies in order to set up a new colony. If there is a termite dilemma in your house, you will regularly find dead termites lying on sashes and underneath windows where they have tried to flee your house.

2. Shelter Tubes

Subterranean termites want humidity to survive, and they exist in small, protected places. They make tunnels of dirt and mud across exposed regions that are as thick as a pencil. You can notice if these tubes are still active by breaking one off and spot if the termites remake it.

3. Bugs

Pull back the mulch approximately doubtful areas of the home, or even any wood near the home to look for termites.

4. Hollowed wood

Explore any suspect wood with a screwdriver to observe if it has been hollowed out. Severely damaged wood may sound empty when it’s tapped.

5. Dirt in wood

Some homeowners may get puzzled between termite damage and water damage, since they can often be related. The best method to separate the two is that termites take bits of dirt up into the wood.

Where should you look for them?

Termites can enter a home through all sorts of cracks and crevices where the house meets the foundation. Check for damage on the surfaces of the house foundation. Look for the termites at any weak points in the homes perimeter. Openings such as plumbing, settlement cracks in concrete, front entry doors and garage openings.

The number one thing termites are looking for is moisture, so look in areas with moisture such as under leaky faucets or air conditioning units. Also look out for any wood debris around the house, and never stack wood against your house!

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