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Subterranean termites are small, ant-appearing insects. What makes these termites different than ants is the fact of feeding off the cellulose in wood instead of in sweet foods. Working in great lengths unseen beneath the surface, tunneling and destroying wooden structures to beyond repair.

Interestingly, termites are also the social insects that live in a harmonious and hard-working colony where the labor caste system is in force. The reproductive and soldiers caste are among the highest in pay grade. Some of them got wings to increase their colony expansion.

Identification to Enforce Termite Control services in Singapore

Swarmer: Black to dark brown in color, these have two pair of wings.

Workers: Without wings, small, and cream colored.

Soldiers: Without wings, enlarged jaws, defenders, creamy-white colored, though the head is brownish.

Damaged Wood: Subterranean termites are known to build their nests close to the ground, so if wooden structures are in contact with soil or mud, then chances that are infested.

Are You Interested to catch a colony?

These termites live in the soil and around homes. The wood structures that are in contact with the ground are highly infested. Even in concrete walls, cracks and foundation blocks are pathways they use to infest homes.

Known for eating books, cellulose-based products, and other paper products without leaving behind the plant-based goods.

Usually, each colony has more than one egg-laying female, and that infest at large. The typical sign of an infestation is the presence of winged swarmer, and damaged word.

Behavior and Infestation

The three types of these termites—workers, soldiers, and swarmer, have jobs that they work hard and naturally, these types have tools to get the job done.

These termites are so far the most destructive species with different roles in a colony. In records, they collapse a building entirely, meaning possible financial destruction. Their scissor-like jaws to eat wood for like 24 hours, seven days a week.

General Prevention Tips

Store firewood away from home in a dry and above ground levels.

Check if drainage systems unblocked and water is running smoothly.

Eliminate moisture at home in possible areas.

In conclusion, subterranean termites are hard-working, the most destructive termite species available in most regions need service of subterranean termites control Singapore. You can visit the ProServ Pest Control for further information.

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