Tampons - Myths and Facts

by Harleen Kaur Content Writing

How many times have you come across someone urging you not to use a tampon because of some of the other reasons? Well, this is why busting such myths are so important. Have a look.

Ever since tampons were invented, they have always been a somewhat controversial topic that has seen a lot of panic and even health scares. However, the reality of the tampons is far from whatnots projected by most people who have not used the product themselves. This is precisely why it is important to bust some of the myths that have been frequently associated with the many tampons brand available in the market

Myth: Inserting or removing a tampon hurts


There are always instructions that spell out how to insert or remove a tampon the right way. When followed to the T, the chances of the insertion or removal hurting are next to none.  There are many types of tampons available in the market. From the ones that have an applicator to the ones without, giving the different types of tampons a try before giving up on them altogether is always a better idea.

However, though you might not feel pain, the chances of you feeling a slight discomfort could arise. This will essentially be due to the fact that one tried to insert or remove when your flow is light or your vagina is comparatively dry. You see, when you are on your periods, natural lubrication occurs and the tampon is able to slide right in and out without any discomfort.

Myth: You can feel the tampon inside you


When inserted in the manner it should be, according to the instructions given in the packaging, the moment you are done inserting the tampon, you should not feel it at all. The tampon, be it the one without or with an applicator is made in such a way that it sits perfectly in the upper part of the vagina. When it is pushed far enough, then you will not at all feel it’s presence. In case you are able to feel the tampon inside you, then you need to push it a little more so that it is able to sit in the place it is designed for.

Myth: Using a tampon makes you lose your virginity


This might just be one of the most propagated myths about tampons that have been doing the rounds for quite some time. Of the many things, one needs to understand is the fact that more than anything, the idea of virginity is a cultural one rather than a medical or even a physical one. Of the many things that are considered as the loss of one’s virginity, the breaking of the hymen is one.

The hymen is essentially a membrane that is situated merely 1-2cm inside the vagina. The hymen can break or even get worn down with daily activities of a person and not by simply inserting things like tampons or menstrual cups. It has been found that even if you do not use a tampon, over the course of a few years, the chances of your hymen being worn down are always there.

Myth: Tampon can get lost inside the vagina


Your vagina is not a tunnel that when something is inserted into it, it will end up going missing! The cervix which is situated at the end of the vagina has a very tiny opening, big enough only to let blood, fluid or semen to get through. However, if you are somehow not able to locate the tampon, the best thing to do is to squat and push. Pushing like you are about to poop will help bring the tampon down to a level where you will be able to easily pull it out using its string

It is always a good thing to not fall prey to the many myths that you might have heard about the use of tampons. Do your own research and talk to the people you know who might have used a tampon and make up your mind for yourself. You can easily buy tampons where you buy sanitary pads online.

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