Surviving The Roads In Winter

by Tyre City UK Auto Centre

Snowy roads might look picturesque and make for good wallpapers, but they can spell death for your car’s handling and land you in big trouble. Frost, mist, slush, and ice on the road make the road slippery enough to make you fishtail your car or enter uncontrolled drifts, especially when in a rear-wheel-drive car.

During the summers it can be a little thrilling, but in the winters a drift or even a little bit of fishtailing can be deadly.

So, how do you drive in the snowy English winters without ending up in a ditch by the roadside?

We have you covered. Here are four tips that will help you maintain control over your rear-wheel-drive vehicle even in the worst of weather.

Managing the weight distribution of your car

In rear-wheel-drive cars, the engine is typically located in the front. The engine being the heaviest component adds weight to the front, leaving the rear relatively lighter. Now as the rear wheels are what are pushing the car, due to the lack of down force they can easily lose grip over the road.

This creates a big problem for the handling as within seconds the driver can completely lose control. Adding weight to the rear end of the car can, to some extent, help decrease if not completely eliminate the problem.

Go slow on the throttle and the brake

Winters are no time for those fast lane-changes or other driving shenanigans. They are for safe driving. So be gentle on the throttle as well as the brake. Sudden jerky acceleration and braking can be disastrous. The snow on the road will act as a sheet between the surface of the road and the tyres which will lose grip. So take your time when overtaking, and start a little early from home for those winter commutes.

Practice makes a driver perfect

Believe in the motto, and try to practise driving on empty roads to make sure you have a hang of the car’s handling in snow.

Every car handles differently and feels different, especially when it comes to rear-wheel-drive cars. So do not forget those practice sessions. Even trained professional drivers believe that rear-wheel-drive cars are the most tricky to control during the winters. Pay heed; an hour spent practicing might just save your car thousands in damage.

Invest in a good set of winter tyres.

Tyres are the shoes of your car; ignore them long enough, and you will come to regret it.

The winter, especially on rear-wheel- drive cars, calls for a change in the tyres. Winter tyres in the UK are easy to come-by. Tyres Birmingham is one such place where you can get a good set of winter tyres.

Winter tyres are made of a softer compound which warms up quicker with friction and can hold the road better thus improving the handling of the car on those wet and icy roads.

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, purchasing a set of tyre chains is advisable as they increase the grip on your tyres by miles. Honestly, they are a necessity during those days with heavy snow.

According to stats in places where winters tyres are made mandatory accidents fall by at around 45%. So, enjoy those winter drives safely by putting on winter tyres, and stop worrying about the handling. 

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