Parts and Their Life in The Braking System

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Peddles are pressed, and cars accelerate. Press another, and they come to a halt. As a young enthusiast, it felt like magic to me, but now, after spending time researching, I understood that it's not magic but science. So how does science make my car move and stop?

Accelerator and brakes.

There are many more complex parts in a car which make them come alive. But, today let us concentrate on just the brakes. There are many parts in the braking system of a car. All of them come together to ensure you have the force to make your car come to a standstill. If there are any issues with the braking system like uncanny noises or lowered braking efficiency, visit Brake Repair Birmingham.

Let us now take a look at parts of the braking system in a vehicle.

Brake rotors:

These are one of the most important parts of disc brakes. Also known as discs, they are easily the most easily identified as well. The round discs that give disc brakes their unique look and amazing capabilities are the rotors. When you press the brake pedal inside the cabin, the brake pads press against the rotors. The more the force you exert on the pedal, the higher the force exerted via hydraulics on the rotors. This is what enables the brakes to perform.

Brake Pads:

As the name suggests, these are pads. Made of a mixture of fibres, carbon, metal, Kevlar and resin. Their job is to transfer exerted pressure on the brake rotors. It is this exertion of force which results in efficient braking. Brake pads have to be replaced periodically for optimum performance.


Depending on the setup of the car, callipers can be floating or fixed. They function as the housing for the brake pads, pistons and the brake fluid. Functioning as a clam, they are an essential part. The callipers ensure the optimum position of the padding around the rotors for them to be able to exert force on them.

Brake Piston:

Housed within the callipers, brake pistons are there to ensure that the pressure exerted on the pedals transferred into hydraulic pressure is transferred onto the pads. They are positioned in a way that the hydraulic pressure from the pedals is easily transferred onto the pads.

Brake Drum:

A part of drum brakes, a brake drum is attached to the wheel’s apparatus. It turns with the wheels and uses brakes shoes to exert friction from the inside to slow and stop the car.

Brake fluid:

We have been talking about how the pressure is transferred from the brake pedals via hydraulics to the pistons. If there is hydraulic pressure, the presence of fluid becomes apparent. This fluid designed specially to ensure maximum efficiency is called brake fluid.

Brake Lines:

If there is brake fluid, it will need supply lines to enable its hydraulic function to work properly. These supply lines are called brakes lines. They are generally made of stainless steel and rubber. They connect the master cylinder of the hydraulic system to the pistons.

Now that we know all the parts of the braking system let us take a look at the how long they last, and what can be done to ensure their proper maintenance.

The brake pads generally last anywhere between 25-60,000 miles. The length of their life depends on their usage, driving style of the owner and the materials used in their manufacturing.

Similarly, the rotors or the discs of the vehicle will last anywhere between 30-70,000 miles. Again the length of their life will depend on the driving style, their built quality and the extent of time spent on their maintenance.

The brake pads and discs, if inspected periodically for rust, corrosion or wear damage with follow up measures, will ensure good braking and short stopping distances of the car.

Most of the other parts in the braking mechanism do not require the same amount of maintenance. They are however checked from time to time to keep any wear-related issues at bay. If you find any issues while using the brakes on your car like squealing, grinding or increased stopping distances etc. it is time to take your car to Brake Repair Dudley for an overhaul. Also, keep in mind the better you keep your car’s brakes are maintained, the longer will its parts last. If you want only the best quality parts for your vehicle, visit Tyre City. Their inventory is sure to keep the brakes on your car hale and hearty. For more visit

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