5 Main Reasons Behind the Early Drainage of Your Car's Battery

by Tyre City UK Auto Centre

What would you do if your car stops midway? Do you even know the main reason behind this awkward shut-down? The answer to this is usually a 'No'. We generally ignore the proper functioning and care needed by our cars if it keeps running for a reasonable period. This can be true for all the sensitive mechanical part of the vehicle.

But do you know which is the most neglected part which also happens to be an essential part of your car’s working body?




Car batteries are unquestionably one of the most neglected parts of the vehicle. The only time a person care about it is when he needs a replacement or when it is drained out. Several issues are leading to the increased drainage of such batteries, ultimately leading to the shutting down of your car.

To avoid such circumstances before arising, one must have proper knowledge of the root cause of such mishaps. Here is a shortlist of all the probable reasons leading to the early drainage of the battery:


Your Excessive Overlooking


We all know that all the mechanical functions of a car obtain its electrical energy from the battery. Therefore, a minor oversight in the form of a headlight left on or a failure in closing the trunk properly can consume a slightly more significant amount of energy than usual.

These electrically working equipment are capable enough to drain your battery instantly and render you helpless on the alien roads.


Flaws in the Charging System


There have been many instances where your car battery dies while driving. One of the most viable reasons behind it is a faulty charging system or negligence while dealing with the alternators. The alternators serve a two-way purpose of, both, charging the battery and the electrical energy transmission throughout the electrical components of your car.


Parasitic Drainage


There are several components of your car which keep running all the time. The drainage of energy thus caused is referred to as the parasitic drainage of the power. Some electrical, minor components such as your car clocks, or the radio consume a considerable amount of energy which burdens again at your battery. The pre-installed security checks, too, act as a significant parasite when it comes to the unwanted loss of the battery life.


Frequent Short Drives


As mentioned earlier, your alternator recharges your battery with the power generated by the engine. But, for the alternators to re-enrich your battery for its loss, the car needs to be covering longer distances.

The short rides of 5 to 10 minutes is often the primary cause of battery drainage as they would not help the alternators in compensating for the energy lost. These short rides, on the other hand, are a reason for the extra-energy loss.


The Role of Temperature


Temperature too has a say in reducing your battery life. It is because the imbalanced change in temperature alters the constituents of your batteries into the crystals of lead sulphate. These crystals prolong the charging duration of your battery without your prior knowledge. 

Now, the battery would take a slightly longer period to recharge itself while you have no idea of the change occurred.

The problem may seem a minor one when seen from the surface, but on having a more in-depth approach, it is evident that battery’s improper drainage can turn into an unpleasant affair too.

One cannot avoid mishaps from happening, but by availing regular car service Birmingham you can reduce the chances of the frequent drainage of batteries.

The emergency can come anytime with you being unprepared and vehicle-less despite having a car.

For any further assistance regarding battery repair Birmingham, contact us at Tyre City. The facilities provided here are unmatched when it comes to the servicing and management of your prized wheeled possessions.

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