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One of YongXing main product categories is oil fired condensing boilers. A professional classified model has split condensing boilers. It is also one of the most widely used and installed boilers in the world.

What Technical Requirement Does Your Oil fired condensing boiler have?

Being your professional oil fired condensing boiler manufacturer, we have high technical requirements for this product.
  • Oil fired condensing boiler must have a low-temperature industrial medium with a temperature lower than the dew point temperature of the extended water.    
  • The condensing heating surface of the boiler must be milk to delay the corrosion of the condensate.   
  • The heat transfer temperature difference of the condensing heating surface is small, and cryogenic technology needs to be applied to enhance heat transfer.    
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What Is The Special Of Your Split oil fired condensing boiler?

Comparing with other whole set condensing boiler, our heating surface of the split oil fired condensing boiler is divided into two parts.

  1. The first part is the non-condensing heating surface. It is made of carbon steel, must prevent the smoke from fogging, and the heated area cannot be lower than the flue gas acid dew point temperature t. According to actual operation observation and calculation, the flue gas of natural gas boiler is t about 70 ℃.
  2. The second part is the condensation heating surface. It is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is mainly resistant to corrosion by flue gas condensate. The condensing heat exchange of the boiler is concentrated here. 

In order to obtain a higher flue gas condensation rate, the delayed temperature drops below the water dew point temperature t 0 °, and the working medium temperature should be lower. 

Your steam boiler body and air preheater (heating surface wall temperature ≥ 80 ℃) are non-condensing heating surfaces, and the material is carbon steel. 
The inlet water temperature of the economizer is 20 ℃, which is the condensing heating surface, and the material is a finned tube resistant to flue gas corrosion. The designed exhaust gas temperature of the boiler is 55 ℃, and the thermal efficiency can reach 102.9%.
What Other Steam Boiler Product Do You Have?

Besides popular oil gas fired condensing steam boiler, YongXing's other major product is coal fired boiler.

Among industrial boilers, coal fired boiler currently account for the largest proportion. 

Also, we provide the natural gas boiler. To learn more, please click the below link.

According to statistics, of the approximately 500,000 industrial steam boilers, 480,000 are coal fired steam boilers. You can find it always design with a chain grate stoker for combustion purposes.

However, coal fired chain grate boiler always has a mature structure and rich experience in design, manufacture, and operation. The capacity of a single unit can reach 100T/H. Therefore, the chain grate steam boiler is still the most important combustion method in the world.

With the fact of global fuel exhaustion, YongXing has incorporated energy conservation and emission reduction management into design management.

Our DZL coal fired boilers and SZL double drum coal fired steam boilers all have complete combustion high-tech. According to different types of fuels, reasonable boiler arches are designed to provide different air distribution ratios and increase high-efficiency economizers.
Greatly improve the efficiency of the boiler, save energy and reduce emissions, and save a lot of operating and combustion costs.
If you have different qualities of coal, biomass, natural gas, diesel, or heavy oil, waste oil, we can help you choose different boilers to minimize your costs! 

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