Summer, Winter And Autumn Season Care Tips For Turf Supplies

by Noah White01 Marketing
If you are a lawn lover and have one in front of your property, one thing is sure that its care and maintenance would be your top priority. Yes, this happens with mostly greenery lovers that they are very passionate about their lawns and have all the accessories, products and supplies from turf suppliers that they think will help in the betterment of the lawn. However, experts say that there is no need to be extra-cautious about the grass or the turf because it is immune enough to survive in different kinds of weather conditions. You will just have to pay minimum or say, basic attention in different weather conditions. What you will have to do in different seasons have been discussed here in his article.

In the Summer Season
Some experts of turf supplies say this season is the harshest on any kind of turf, but this is not so because different steps can be taken to keep the turf lush green and alive. In this regards, turf services Sydney experts say that adequate watering is the major role player here, but with more watering, the growth would increase too. To tackle the growth, mowing on a timely basis would be required, so this is another important step needed during the summer season.

Experts of turf services Sydney even recommend fertiliser application in adequate quantity in order to keep delivering the nutrients it needs for survival and staying green. The idea is to keep the turf well-fed throughout the summer season for its lush green look.

For the summer season, experts also recommend taking steps on the basis of the rise in temperature. In this regards, the best watering method recommended by the experts is the sprinkler system that will keep all nooks and corners, well-watered all the time.

During the Autumn Season
Care, look after and maintenance is needed more in this season than any other because this is a phase of transition from summer to winter. Turfs and lawns suffer the most in these situations, but this can be prevented easily with the tips given by reputed turf suppliers and one of them is sticking to watering and mowing schedules. On the basis of the drop in temperature, the frequency as well as the amount of watering can be reduced, but only after consulting with the turf installation team. But this season also demands more nutrients for survival and this can be delivered with the help of regular fertiliser application as well as adequate watering post-fertiliser application. It’s also quite important to aerate your lawn in autumn so your grass can breathe.

Tips for the Winter Season 
In terms of the winter season, experts recommend that on the basis of the turf type, the amount of watering can be reduced significantly or stopped completely. The reason cited by turf suppliers is that mostly turfs become dormant in this season and as a result, require very less or no watering at all. The only thing to be careful about is the change in the colour of the leaf blades and if some change is noticed, watering, fertilising might be required. Apart from this, one more thing to keep an eye is that amount of moisture in the soil and if dryness is noticed, some amount of watering would be a great idea.

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