Lawn Care Tips For Winter Season in Australia

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Winter season comes and with its arrival, begins the torture on almost everything including humans. Our property, our roads, our lives, everything gets affected, but one thing that gets the most of the beating is the lawns. 

These lawns suffer the most because of several reasons like they are already very vulnerable to cold, frost, snowfall, etc. and also because they are constantly exposed to all the harshness of this season. 

Vendors of turf supplies Sydney say that the damage that winter season causes to lawns can be minimised provided that proper and timely steps are taken regarding care and maintenance. 

There are several of them and here in this article, we have covered some of them.

Mow Higher-

According to the vendors of turf supplies Sydney, winter season is the time to raise the mowing deck to a notch or two, as this would allow the grass to be a little bit taller. This length of turf will make sure that the blades will stay exposed to the sun more and absorb more sunlight and as a result, thrive successfully even during harsh weather conditions. Experts also recommend using a catcher attachment with the lawn mower to prevent grass from being cut and build up there because this can cause the roots to suffocate.

Aerate the Soil-

It is very common for several kinds of soils to become harder and compacted during warm summer days and this could be problematic in the winter season. This kind of ground can slow down the growth of turf and moreover, water finds it really hard to penetrate into the soil to reach the roots. The solution to all this is proper aeration of the soil using a pitchfork or an aerator as this will make it easier for the roots to absorb nutrients as well as water and thrive successfully. 

Clear Obstructions-

In some cases, fallen leaves can be advantageous but in a majority of cases, they are nothing more than an obstruction that suffocates the turf growing there. Things can be made better here by raking the fallen and dead leaves and removing them to expose the lawn to proper sunlight and air. Similarly, not just fallen leaves, but everything like toys, furniture, etc. should be removed to let the lawn breathe successfully.


Timely fertiliser application during the winter season can be a game changer as far as proper growth during the winter season is concerned. Vendors of turf supplies Sydney have clear instructions on what kind of fertiliser to use and when to use and in what quantity. These directions when followed without fail can help a lot as far as lawn care is concerned. Experts even recommend following directions related to water application after fertiliser has been used because when these two things twin, they can be the most effective. In the absence of adequate amount of water, nutrients will not penetrate the soil as efficiently as with water.

Reduce Traffic-

Another very effective way to keep the lawn greener and lush during winter is to avoid using it as much as possible. The reason is that when used, it will suffer wear and tear and because of low self-repair probabilities; the damage may prolong and become worse with time.

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