Stop ignoring your symptoms of stomach cancer

by Rudra Acharya Best Oncologist in India

Stomach cancer which is also known as gastric cancer is a development of abnormal cells in your stomach that ultimately form a mass of cells in your stomach.As per the WHO (World Health Organization), 723,000 cancer-related deaths occur due to stomach cancer every year all over the world. Stomach cancer is, in fact, the fifth most common cancer worldwide, and a third leading cause of deaths related to cancer. A large number of people who are diagnosed with stomach cancer either already have undergone metastasis or will eventually develop it in the near future. Metastasis is the state where cancer has spread from the area in which it first developed. However, good Stomach Cancer Treatment in Delhi can help diagnose and treat your stomach cancer on time.

Almost 90 to 95 per cent of all stomach cancers are of a particular kind referred to as adenocarcinoma of the stomach. In this type of cancer develops from the cells responsible for the formation of the mucosa, which the surface lining of the stomach producing mucus.


There are various symptoms associated with stomach cancer. However, they may also be present in many other less severe conditions, gastric cancer can initially be harder to diagnose. This is the reason why many people go undiagnosed for a long time that only worsens the situation.

Early symptoms of stomach cancer may include:

  • Feeling of heaviness or fullness during meals

  • Difficulty in swallowing also called dysphagia

  • Bloating after meals

  • indigestion that does not seem to go away

  • frequent burping

  • heartburn

  • stomachache, or pain in the chest region

  • Flatulence

  • Vomiting that may even contain blood

What are your chances of survival with Stomach cancer?

the 5-year relative survival rate for any specific stage of stomach cancer can be explained in a specific way.  If someone has 70% survival rate, it means that people who have cancer are, have about 70% chances of survival as likely as people who don’t have cancer.  These people can also go on to live for at least 5 years after they are diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Treatment options for stomach cancer

Chemotherapy: This method of treating stomach cancer uses medicines to inhibit the growth of the cancer cells which can be done either by blocking their growth or killing the cancerous cells.

Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy uses high-energy x-rays or other types of radiation, which are purposely done to kill cancer cells or prevent their growth. Two types of radiation therapy could be conducted either external or internal.

Surgery: Surgery could be done to evict the stomach cancer either by removing the part of the stomach infected by cancer or removing the complete stomach. The type of surgery chosen depends on the growth of the cancer cells.

Chemoradiation: Chemoradiation therapy is a combination treatment including both chemotherapy and radiation therapy which is done to enhance the therapeutic effects of both the treatment.

Targeted therapy: The use of medicines, or any other medicinal substance to identify and attack the specific cancer cells and does not produce any effect on the normal or undamaged cells.

Dr Rudra Acharya is the Best Oncologist in India who is known for treating stomach cancer for more than a decade now. Dr Rudra believes in providing the best possible treatment using the advanced techniques to his patients.

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