The Stomach Cancer and Ways to Prevent it

by Rudra Acharya Best Oncologist in India

Though stomach cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world, the number of this cancer cases has dropped over the past several decades. Stomach or gastric cancer begins in any part of your stomach. The stomach has got five layers and cancer can spread deeper into these layers where the prognosis of the patient gets worse.

Finding it early, though a harder task may be the best way to improve the chance of successful treatment from Best Gastric Oncologist in India and to reduce the number of deaths caused by the disease.Although the right cause of this cancer is not known, there are plenty of chances that you can still prevent this cancer and  reduce the possibility of having it.

Ways to prevent your cancer

The methods of preventing this cancer focus on managing your diet plan, changing your lifestyle and going for regular check-ups in case of any abnormalities. Here are the following ways to keep yourselves in a safer zone:

1. Get rid of this bacterial infection

The common bacterium that can infect your stomach lining and cause ulcers is Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). It can release carcinogenic substances, which means it can cause cancer. If you have got stomach ulcers, you should immediately consult the doctor to see if you have an H. pylori infection and get it treated.

2.Eat Healthy

Make sure that your everyday meal plate includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This can lower your chance of getting stomach cancer. Oranges, lemons, and grapefruit are great choices. If you are a non-vegetarian, it is recommended to have fish and poultry instead of processed meats or red meat. Instead of refined grains, it is better to choose whole-grain breads, pasta, and cereal.

3.Cut down on smoked foods

Earlier were the days, people smoked, pickled, and salted the food to preserve as there were no refrigerators. Intaking large amounts of salt and preservatives can degrade the lining of your stomach and increase the risk of having stomach cancer. So it is advisable to limit smoked and pickled foods, including salted meats and fish.

4. Quit the habit

Smoking is the main culprit that can put you at risk for many kinds of cancers, including stomach cancer. It is recommended to avoid even other people’s secondhand smoke too. You can take the help from our doctor and deaddiction team if you want to kick the habit of smoking.

5. Move your body

Exercise and physical activities are everyday habits that pay off from head to toe. So being fit and active can lower your risk for many different types of cancers and other health problems.

6. Check on your weight

People who are overweight may have greater risk of getting stomach cancer. You can ask our doctor if your BMI is in healthy range and get some weight loss tips from our doctor.

7.Use aspirin wisely

You might take aspirin, ibuprofen, and other over-the-counter medications to ease your body pain, fever, or swelling. It may also cut your odds of having stomach cancer. But to prevent stomach cancer, it is not advisable to consume them  as they can also cause internal bleeding.

8.Consider genetic testing

A genetic test can reveal you if you carry certain genes that make you more sensitive to stomach cancer and the stomach cancer runs in your family.

As it is difficult to detect the presence of stomach cancer in its early stages, the best way is to prevent the possibility of having the cancer. Get in touch with our expert oncologist, Dr. Rudra Prasad to know more things on how individually you can prevent this cancer. Book an appointment for a consultation today.

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