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We all have some relatives and friends, who are completely on the wagon when it comes to healthy eating. The problem is that person’s probably into eating things that aren’t going to appeal to someone who hasn’t quite got the knack of voluntarily eating healthy foods yet. Just please don’t let that person’s dedication to replacing every food you love with cauliflower convince you that all healthy foods are sad, sorry substitutes for things that taste good.

It’s Possible for Healthy Food to Taste Good

Take vegetables, for instance. I hated a lengthy list of them, including green beans, beets, peas, cabbage, and squash, to name just a few. Once I learned to cook them myself, I realized that only I wouldn't say I liked those things when they come out of cans or are otherwise served overcooked. It’s been my experience that most people have zero ideas on cooking vegetables, and some vegetables can taste pretty horrible if they’re not appropriately prepared. 

The other issue I run into has to do with people who don’t understand how critical reasoning is, especially when cooking healthy things like vegetables, fish, or brown rice. Those foods are not packed with sodium, fat, and sugar that make other foods so appealing, so they need to be seasoned if they’re going to taste good. Keeping salt to a minimum is a great idea, but you need to use at least a little to stop your food from tasting flat. 

Public health and nutrition say It’s all about bringing out the natural deliciousness of these foods, just waiting to be discovered. The more thoroughly you come to realize that, the more you’ll grow to love healthful, delicious, good-for-you foods in general, and the easier it will be to maintain any progress you make toward your goals.

You Do Not Have Anything You Do Not Like

And it would help if you didn’t eat anything you genuinely don’t like. It’s great to give healthy foods you thought you didn’t want a second chance, but at the end of the day, eating lots of beets or Brussels sprouts isn’t going to help if you just plain can’t stand them. The key to actually making a daily workout plan toward your fitness and weight loss goals is sustainability. Diets do not work, just because weight losing and getting in shape are not things you do just once. The minute you go back to what you were doing before, your body will go back to the way it was as well, so it’s essential to make changes that you can see yourself sticking with indefinitely.

Can’t stand celery and cabbage, but love broccoli and carrots? By all means, buy carrots and broccoli and prepare them as you want them. Can not Image a life that never determines you enjoying an Oreo ever again? Don’t insist on living one. Not interested in cutting alcohol entirely out of your diet? You don’t have to.

Getting my eating in check wasn’t about cutting out all of my favorite foods because I already know I’m the kind of person that needs a cheeseburger now and again. However, I have cheese burgers a lot less often than I used to. I do use leaner meat to make them and load them up with tasty veggies I like. Also, since I genuinely enjoy salmon or plant-based burgers, I will opt for one of those a little more often than I might have in the past.

I still love burger night every bit as much as I used to. It’s just not keeping me overweight and unhealthy anymore the way I do it now.

Scales May Hurt More Than They Help

Read and know about any guide and tips for loss of weight, and it will go over the importance of weighing yourself sooner or later. It will tell how you know how much progress you’re making, as well as keep you in check if you start backsliding, and I get that logic. I got it so well that I agreed with it at the beginning of my journey and weighed myself religiously at the close of every week. I figured that when I inevitably started getting tired of being right, the fear of that number getting higher would stop me from going back to my bad habits.

What that number did is cause me unnecessary stress. Anyone who is trying to lose weight before knows what his scale says can be unreliable, especially if you’re also working on toning up or building muscle at the same time. That number can even start to matter too much despite knowing that I shouldn’t pay but so much attention to the scale, I did regardless. On weeks that number didn’t change enough to suit me or during periods where there was a lot of up-and-down, I felt super discouraged, often despite noticing other signs of progress (like clothing fitting much differently).

Eventually, I realized it just was not serving me, so I stopped weighing myself except for once every couple of months or so. I rely on other ways to know whether I’m putting in enough effort, like what I see when I look in the mirror. How my clothing fits and how strong I’m getting are other useful indicators? I’m continually noticing muscles becoming more fat and toned deposits that shrink visibly or disappear altogether. Photographs and feedback from other people with the ability to be unflinchingly honest are pretty reliable ways to assess your ongoing progress as well.

Stay Healthy!

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