Understanding Self Defense Weapons – How Does A Taser Work

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No matter where you are and who you are surrounded by, the need to be safe is always present. And it’s not surprising that in this growing unsafe world, there is no other option. But luckily there are plenty of alternatives and solutions to your safety that are very doable. One of the most commonly acquired weapons is a taser for self defense. A taser is an electroshock weapon that charges a current to whoever comes in contact with it. It basically creates a current that can cause temporary muscle disruption and paralysis. It has a button that creates the current and two ports or wires that produce it. You can either point towards someone or stick it to them to electrocute them and fend them off. 

The best thing is that it is relatively easier to find a taser for sale in today’s market. There was a time when they were specially made for a special group but not anymore. They are preferred by most people because they have a simple mechanism and high effectiveness. There is a bit of an apprehension that tasers might be hard to manage but they are pretty cool. It makes sense why they came into mainstream marketing despite not being intended to be that way.

The Evolution Of The Stun Gun Taser

You might have heard different names for this electroshock weapon based on where you live. They go by various names but the most common are taser and stun gun. While they accomplish the same thing, they are a little different in their making and working. So let’s start with the history and then go to the development of these weapons. 

Basically, the taser was a weapon invented by Jack Cover who was inspired by the Tom Swift novels. He invented an electrocution weapon that was abbreviated TASER, to read Tom. A Swift Electric Rifle. Around the 1970s, this gadget was a small invention that was only patented to the military or police force. Because of the nature of the weapon, it was not allowed to be used by the general public. It became an official part of the police uniform and is still in use today. After the success rate of the taser in police chases and apprehending criminals, it began to be sold publicly. 

Difference Between Stun Guns and Tasers

While they accomplish the same effect, they are slightly different in making and execution. The real difference is that they would help you in situations where other weapons won't. 

  • As mentioned earlier, Taser is the official brand name of the most famous company in the country. It sells all kinds of self defense stun guns that are used in crime-fighting and self-defense. But a taser is ideally an electroshock weapon that shoots wires out of its ends that stick to you.

  • The wires of the taser clip into the victim's skin and electrocute them. The big upside is that tasers can be used from a distance without directly engaging with a perpetrator. 

  • In the case of the stun gun, firstly, it is the generic name for all electroshock weapons. Any device that can shock someone into temporary paralysis will be a stun gun.

  • The other major difference is that 90% of stun guns are close-contact weapons. You have to be close to the attacker to push it against their body to stun them. While that might be less ideal, it is also more impactful for people with less experience. 

  • You don’t have to point and shoot with a stun gun, if you’re close, you can use it however you like. 

Types Of Stun Guns In The Market 

There is no doubt about the fact that stun guns are established self defense weapons. People prefer to use them because they are quick to action and good deterrents for violent incidents. You will not have to carry a hefty device everywhere as modern technology has made it even better. 

  • If you move around the city, you need something easy to carry and effective. One of the cleverest versions of this device is a mini-taser. As the name suggests it varies in size but measures around 2-3 inches in diameter and area. It can be a ring, a knuckle, or some form of the remote control-looking fob. You can carry it in your pocket, wear it in your fingers and fend off any danger that comes your way.

  • One version of the mini taser that is particularly sneaky is a keychain taser. It works on multiple levels as it will always be close to you when you’re out. You can put it on your house key or car keys and travel all over town with it. At the first sign of danger, you will have something with you that will help. 

  • If you are looking for a good taser for nighttime, the best option is the stun gun flashlight. As it is apparent by the name, it is an electroshock weapon with an LED flashlight. It works for camping, hiking, outdoor walks, social settings, and late-night commute. You can ensure safety and convenience when you’re out of the house at all times. 

Best Stun Gun For Women Available

Once again, there is no question that stun guns are most effective, in fact, invaluable for women. They face the brunt of harassment, assault, and robbery on an unfortunately high level. To make sure that women have a discreet weapon on them at all times, there is also a pink taser available. Even though color shouldn’t make that much of a difference, it gets easier to disguise that way.

It is a powerful weapon that can be passed off as a cellphone or makeup box and provide safety. If you want to also experience safety you should get a taser for yourself. Without having to put too much effort into it, get the best one from the PA Knives online store. They have an impressive collection of self defense stun guns that are affordable and highly effective. 

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