Healthy nutrition: if you eat well, you stay fit!

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Food has to be tasty and healthy. But that is often easier said than doneYoung people in Germany deal with the topic in school and in their free time and learn how to eat healthily.

You should eat more fruit and vegetables and not so much fatty stuff, now and then an apple or, now in winter, oranges or mandarins, says Alyssia (15), who takes part in a cooking group at the Neptunweg Middle School in Nuremberg. Here you and your classmates learn what is in the various foods and how to eat healthily.

It is healthy if you eat a lot of vegetables and fruit and do sport. For example, I exerciseJudo , Says Alexandro (14), who also visits the Koch AG. For Alexandro and his classmates, it’s not just about their body weight. Healthy nutrition gives them a good attitude towards life, and they enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients and herbs from the school garden.

Delicious, healthy and light

Healthy nutrition is important for people in Germany. It works best if you prepare your meals. Young people, in particular, like to swing the wooden spoon themselves. This was the result of a survey by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Almost all the respondents agreed that it should be tasty, healthy, and easy to prepare!

In reality, that’s easier said than done, because there is a huge one in GermanyBandwidth of foods with a veritable jungle of information on their packaging: ingredients, Additive, Nutritional table, the seal of approval such as “organic” or “eco” and properties such as “reduced-fat”, “rich in vitamins” or “light” confuse customers. It is not always easy to find your way between all the variants and to understand what is hidden behind the seals and names. Young people in particular sometimes lose their bearings. Besides, there are countless diet tips, different diets, such as vegetarian, veganFlexitarians, or Pescetarians. Finding out how to eat healthily is, therefore, a major challenge for many young people.

Pyramids made from food

I prefer to describe it as a balanced diet. That means you can eat many things, nothing is strictly forbidden as part of a balanced diet, but it has to be well combined, says AOK nutritionist Ines Heger. It advises people who want to improve their eating habits and is guided by the German Nutrition Society’s recommendations, which publishes the so-called food pyramid. The pyramid illustrates how much the body needs: water, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, rice, or whole-grain bread; for example, are below and form a broad basis to get enough vitamins, protein, and important Fiberrecord. Smaller amounts of dairy products and meat, which provide the body with important nutrients such as calcium and iron, are higher. At the top are sweets or chips that should only be enjoyed in small quantities. If we turn the whole thing upside down and put the candy down, it’ll be a wobbling pyramid. Then the whole system is no longer so stable,&says the nutrition expertSince there are also people in Germany who are vegetarian or vegan, ProVeg Deutschland eV has published two veggie food packaging boxes and pyramids. If meat and dairy products are omitted from meals, the nutrients have to be provided by other foods packaging boxes. For example, legumes and nuts are replaced.

Diseases from fat and sugar

Both food packaging boxes by PrintCosmo and pyramids are designed to help people get enough of all the important nutrients and reduce the risk for Diseases of civilization to lower. However, not everyone manages to stick to that ideal to keep even though Germans have a wide variety of food packaging boxes choices. More and more people gain weight or suffer from various diseases that result from too little exercise and poor nutrition. These include, for example, diabetes or one Fatty liver. In the past, these diseases tended to occur in old age, but now they also affect young people. Most health insurance, therefore, offers nutrition courses for different age groups.

Ines Heger from the AOK also explains to young insured persons how they can change their eating habits. The difficulties start with shopping in the supermarket. There are so many varieties of water alone, with flavors ranging from peach to berry, with a lot of sugar, with little sugar, says Heger. Alsoschoolchildren spend a lot of time with homework and smartphones, tablets, and the like. This means that hobbies, exercise, and sport are neglected in everyday life.

There has to be a move.

The pupils at the Neptunweg Middle School already got to know the food packaging boxes and pyramid in class and are aware that healthy eating and exercise are important in everyday life. I eat healthy because I don’t want to get any diseases, says Milena (13), who trains athletics and handball and volleyball in her free time. For them, this is simply part of a healthy lifestyle. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the full sports program. often go for walks with my dogs because that’s healthy. It’s nice for the dogs to come out and for me too,; says Celine (14).

Nutrition expert Heger recommends exercising for at least an hour a day. It can be soccer, handball, or just going for a walk with friends. But above all, it should be fun,; says Heger because healthy is also when you enjoy your life to the full.

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