Standard Orthopaedic Procedures and Treatments

by Praveen Singh SEO Manager

Though on most occasions, the orthopedic specialists recommend treatment and medicinal support rather than the surgery itself, there can be certain conditions for which the only possible cure is surgery. Several factors like age, other health conditions like blood sugar, hypertension, or obesity is considered before the doctor chooses to operate on a patient. The doctor also considers the risk factors before continuing with the process. The term orthopedic surgery is an umbrella term, and there are different sorts of procedures and treatments that the specialist can choose to use. Here is a list of some procedures - 

1. Herniated Disk treatment: The spinal discs may develop herniated disk if the disk's soft center pushes through the exterior. The ruptured disk may be severely painful. The patient may experience difficulty in mobility or numbness. To get back to the original condition, the doctor may suggest surgery as it is highly effective.

2. Pinched nerves treatment: Though for many people, the pinched nerve gets better after resting for a while, many patients may experience prolonged pain. They can have severe pain and swollen tissues around the injured area. If the pain increases and shows other irritations, the surgeon may recommend surgery.

3. Sports Injuries: The sportsmen can develop some leg, knee, ligament injuries. The doctor may suggest surgery after checking their condition. There are specific treatments that the surgeon can opt for so that the injured-parts' stature can get back to normal without developing any chronic condition.

4. Broken shoulder treatment: For a broken shoulder, surgery is the best procedure as it can help to get a faster recovery. The specialist checks the condition and then discusses the risk factors before going for the surgery. After a proper evaluation of the fractured shoulder, the surgeon plans the steps.

5. Achilles tendon Issues: Achilles tendon issues can lead to terrible pain in the knees and lower legs. It may take away the ease of mobility. The doctors mostly suggest surgery to remove Achilles tendon rupture. It's a special treatment and highly effective.

6. Knee (Arthroscopic) Surgery: The process of arthroscopy is mostly used for knee treatment. The minor surgery is done using arthroscopy. The knee joint is observed and then treated. One can also use arthroscopy on the shoulder, ankle, and other parts.

7. Hand and Wrist Injuries: Since the hand and wrists are the most used parts of our body. Therefore, soon after the diagnosis, the specialist may recommend surgery. It is essential to evaluate the risk and treat the condition properly to get back its standard functionality. The conditions like cubital tunnel syndrome, joint pain, arthritis, and other such things, can be healed by surgeries.

8. Hip replacement surgery: When medicine cannot cure the hip pain, the surgeon may recommend a hip replacement surgery. It is a way to heal the hip pain and after the treatment is done, the mobility of the joint increases, restoring it to the normal condition.

9. Foot and Ankle Issues: When sprains, fractures, and raptures cannot be adequately treated with therapies and medicines, the specialists generally suggest surgeries. For extreme pains or acute injuries, the doctor may choose to get surgery to restore the normalcy. People from all age groups can undergo surgery for foot and ankle problems.

10. Elbow and Arm Injuries: When arms and elbows are injured, the doctors often suggest surgery, considering how sensitive it is. Otherwise, it may develop into some severe conditions to negatively impact daily life. Tennis elbows, fractures, raptures and sprains, arthritis can be treated using surgeries.

11. Spine Problem and deformities: There can be several spine deformities and related issues, like a slipped disk, spinal stenosis, lower back pain, spine disorders, and other such body parts. The doctors mostly recommend therapies for spine problems, and in extreme cases, they may choose to do a surgery. Some most commonly used spine problems are ACDF, spinal fusion surgery, cervical decompression, and laminectomy.

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