Busting Myths | Facing the Reality of an MBA in India

by Michael Sema Founder and CEO of Get A Rate

Getting an MBA degree has become the ultimate education goal for a majority of youngsters in India today. An MBA degree was once considered suitable as a higher education option for students hailing from commerce backgrounds - today, it is attracting students and professionals from all streams and subject areas. One of the biggest reasons behind this phenomenal growth in the popularity of MBA programs in just over a decade is the great demand for candidates possessing this qualification across various industries.

However, many times, the candidates opting to pursue these courses from even the best MBA colleges in India fail to get the expected results in terms of career growth and associated benefits. This is mainly due to the fact that such candidates tend to base their aspirations on the common myths that have come to be associated with these courses. Rather than trying to ascertain the reality of pursuing an MBA program, they blindly accept whatever they are told and set high expectations, which rarely get fulfilled. The most common myths and the truth behind them are discussed in brief as follows.

Myth: If It Worked For My Friend, It Will Work For Me

Most people choose to pursue an MBA degree simply because others have done so. Such candidates rarely pause to consider the reasons that made others opt for this course. This is especially true in case of candidates who know someone that has attained success after completing their MBA program. However, like most other higher education degrees, MBA courses are designed for people with specific interests and skills and these play an important role in ensuring their successful completion.

Myth: An MBA Degree Guarantees Career-Related And Financial Success

Countless MBA aspirants consider these programs to be a shortcut to achieve financial and career-related success. They believe that simply attaining an MBA certification can help pave the way for their grand entry into an industry and field of their choice. However, they tend to overlook the hard work they need put in to gain the right knowledge and skills that would actually take them to the top. They also choose to ignore the fact that while their MBA degree might help them land a lucrative job option, keeping that position and moving forward on the path of success depends on how well they implement their knowledge and prove their worth.

Myth: An MBA Is Essential For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

A common misconception that pushes people to pursue an MBA program is that it is necessary for entrepreneurial success. However, this is not true as some of the most successful businessmen have never even set foot in a business school. In fact, an MBA program can only help enhance the inherent entrepreneurial skills present in individuals. Even the best MBA programs cannot instil skills like good business acumen, risk-taking capabilities and business promotion skills in the students, which are essential for the success of any venture.

Myth: An MBA Will Ensure Preferential Treatment From Employers

It is a common perception that employers in major cities and business hubs prefer candidates having an MBA qualification. However, there are thousands of candidates with an MBA in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other cities facing a job crisis. These candidates often struggle to find a decent job or achieve career growth simply because they lack the key skills that most employers look for in their potential employees. A good education from a reputed institute is only one small aspect of the recruiting process. Candidates today also need to display various other skills to get preferential treatment from employers.

Myth: An MBA Will Pave The Way For Better Social Status

Many candidates believe that getting an MBA degree will enhance their social status as it will guarantee a higher income and a powerful job posting. While this might have been true during the initial years of the MBA boom in India, it is no longer relevant today. This is because the degree has become so common that every other professional holds this qualification. This has ensured a wide choice for employers, who generally opt for the most talented candidates.

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