Spring Clean Your Mental Health

by GoMedii Technologies Health Consultant

Mental health is becoming less of a stigmatized topic in society, but there can still be a lack of understanding of the importance of maintaining our mental and emotional well-being.

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Mental health relates to how we think, feel, and act and helps determine how we handle stress, interact with others, and make decisions. Our mental health holds importance at every stage of life, from when we are young children through to retirement and beyond.


Since spring is a time of year that brings a sense of renewal as the last of the winter chill melts away and the fresh buds start to grow, this can be a great time to reflect on the areas of our life that may need some reflection or changes in order to serve us better.


This article will touch on a few ways to start your own spring cleaning of your mental health so you can start feeling better in your mind, body, and soul - including your financial well-being!

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How to Spring Clean Your Mental Health

Throughout this article, we’ll be looking at examples of how you can begin to spring clean your own mental health. Since we are all unique individuals, be sure to determine the strategies that work best for you and create your own steps to take in this process of organizing your emotional landscape.




Think of your mind as a tool, just like your hands help you to perform hundreds of tasks throughout the day, your mind helps you to solve problems, determine how to act in a social situation, and processes countless emotions throughout the day. Hence.. your mind is super important!

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Yet often we don't treat our mind as important, and our emotional well-being often gets left behind in the whirlwind of activities that happened throughout the day. The first step to taking care of your mind can be to acknowledge that your emotional state matters and give yourself permission to prioritize taking care of your own mental health.


A few ideas about how to give yourself permission to focus on your mental health:

write in a journal or piece of paper – even if it’s just the words ‘you matter’ to help remind yourself of the importance of your emotions

discover self-compassion and practice this in your everyday life or whenever you find yourself experiencing pain or suffering

have a mindful moment to reflect on your current emotional state or listen to a podcast that focuses on mindfulness for inspiration

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The weather is getting warmer and this can be a great time to step up your fitness and wellness routine. Rather than trying to overhaul your entire fitness routine or wellness regimen start with small, bite-sized changes in your daily life.


Start out with 2 or 3 days per week with 20-minute intervals. Any exercise will do - it doesn't have to be a sweaty gym workout - even a walk around the neighborhood counts! This is more about setting the intention and creating an ongoing healthy habit more than results right now.


Think about a realistic exercise or meal-planning schedule and write it down. If you miss a scheduled exercise, don't beat yourself up. Make up for it with a chore workout (vacuuming can burn a lot of calories) or ask a coworker or your partner to go for a walk or job later on. Be kind to yourself as you're making small but amazing changes in your wellness routine!

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The definition of your soul may include how you feel about yourself, the connection and relations you have with others in your life, or your spiritual beliefs and practices. Your own definition can be as unique as you want it to be, as long as it makes sense to you and your life.


Some areas to consider when thinking of taking take of your soul and introducing self-care practices might include:

  • creating a routine that works for you
  • increasing eating habits, exercise, water intake
  • creating time for interests, social activities, relaxation, alone time


Consider at least one self-care need right now and one activity that can help you to focus on treating yourself better and providing care for your soul. Some examples may include planning a walk with a friend, booking a massage or having a mindful moment to yourself. What self-care practice could work for you right now?

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The connection between finances and emotions that can be super intense at the best of times. Think about the last time you had a disagreement or argument about money. My bet is that it left you feeling drained and a whole lot of emotions. Money can cause a lot of turmoil, especially when it’s scarce or your money goals seem far away or even impossible.


  • Some facts about money & emotional well-being:
  • Financial issues are of the biggest predictors of divorce
  • Money is associated with varying levels of stress from mild to extreme
  • Families that consider money a taboo topic may lack emotional support & report symptoms of depression and other mental health concerns
  • Student loan debt is associated with mental health concerns including anxiety
  • Money worries can cause sleep deprivation & impact overall well-being


Having ways of spring cleaning our finances can also help our emotional well-being. Let's listen to one of my favorite mentors about all-things-money, Whitney Hansen, who is the host of The Money Nerds Podcast. Whitney shares her 5 Tips to help you Spring Clean Your Financial Life in the audio clip below!


I hope this article was helpful for you to start your own spring cleaning of your mental health!

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