Specifications To Look Out When Buying Cotton Bales

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst
Cotton bales are nothing but cotton that is tightly packed in the form of bales. Cotton fiber that is stored in the form of modules is fed into a module feeder that feeds the modules to the gins. This process removes all the impurities, water content, dirt, leaf material, etc. Now the fiber that comes out is ginned fiber, also known as lint, that is then pressed under high pressure to form into the cotton bales that we purchase from the market. Cotton bales are available easily in the market but before purchasing them, one should go through their specifications. 

Whiteness: One of the first specifications that any buyer should see while buying cotton bales from the cotton bales supplier in India is the whiteness of the cotton. Cotton is naturally white in color but when converted into bales, it might lose some of its colors. However, to ensure that you are buying the best quality cotton bales, make sure that cotton you are buying is at having 80%-90% whiteness in its appearance. 

Fiber Tenacity: Fiber tenacity is the quality of fiber material is its mass stress at break. The bales purchased should have a tensile strength that is greater than3.5CN/dtex. This would ensure that the bales and cotton in it do not get deformed or lose its original shape even when excessive pressure or force is applied to it. 

Use Specified: Another specification that helps in making an informed decision for buying cotton bales is the use that is specified by the cotton bales supplier in Gujarat. Depending on the application for which you need your cotton bales, you can find a supplier offering them for that specific use. For example, If you only use the cotton bales as filling material, you can ask the cotton bales supplier in Visnagar to offer you the bales that are specifically ginned for that use. 

Moisture Content: Moisture content in any type of fiber cannot only ruin its quality but also make the bales useless. This could happen if the moisture content is above the average moisture that is specified, 9%. Below 9% moisture in cotton bales would not cause any type of problem in the quality of the bales. However, if, by any chance, the moisture content rises above the 99% mark, it might not be good for the quality. 

Trash Presence: Though cotton bales are exposed to a lot of testing, cleaning, and quality analysis, there is some percentage of trash that still manages to stay within the bales. This trash, present in cotton bales, might hinder their effectiveness in your application. But, there is no cotton bale that could be 100% pure. So, there is a specific percentage of trash that is allowed to be in cotton. While buying cotton bales, one should make sure that the trash presence in the cotton bales is not more than 1.5%. 

While buying cotton bales, it is important to go through all the specifications mentioned by the cotton bales supplier in India. This would help in ensuring that you get nothing but the best quality cotton bales for your requirements.

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