All About Air Breathing Hose

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst
A hose pipe is a flexible tube that is used for conveying different materials such as water and used for watering plants and also for extinguishing the fire. But the use of a hose is not limited to this only. There are different types of hoses available for different purposes. For instance, a breathing hose is designed for transporting the oxygen in order to make the person breathe in case if he found difficulty in normal breathing. This type of hose is specially designed using nontoxic materials that offer low-temperature flexibility and low odor. An air breathing hose is especially required by patients who found difficulty in breathing or people who are involved in underwater activities such as snorkeling, etc. These hoses are attached to the breathing air systems and thus manufactured using quality materials and are available in different lengths and sizes. There are different hoses for both high pressure and low-pressure applications.

Air Breathing Hoses
The air breathing hoses are used in diverse critical applications. There must be different regulatory requirements for different regions, states, and provinces for breathing hoses. Thus, breathing hoses are made using high-quality compounds to ensure strength and performance. It is advised to get only certified breathing air hose kit that complies with the specific norms and regulations in order to ensure the highest safety measures for the users. Checking the quality of the hose is very important as it can be a matter of life and death if the hose is damaged. The inspection for hole should be done previously before purchasing the hoses. The selection of air breathing hoses is done by keeping varied factors in minds such as the raw material, safety aspects, and certifications.

Types of Air Breathing Hoses
There are different types of hoses available for breathing purposes. The coiled hoses are ideal for working at varying distances using a fixed air outlet. These can be easily stretched and retracted immediately when they are released. For the purpose of using with compressed air, a different type of hose is available in the market. This type of hose consists of an inner diameter of few inches and constructed using strong and flexible EPDM rubber. These hoses are also reinforced to prevent crushing and kinking. There are different types of hoses which are used for general Type C air supply lines, indoor in-plant air service, paint spray booth, and outdoor open air service. Such hoses are specially made using clear PVC compound and are usually in compliance with the FDA and RoHS norms. These hoses are non-toxic, UV resistant, and weather resistant. The breathing hoses should be antistatic, high temperature resistant, abrasion resistant and safe.

Hoses are important as they act as a medium for transporting different items. The selection thus becomes very crucial as the safety of the user is very important. If you are in search of a reliable air breathing hose supplier in Canada or any other country, then the online search will be the best option for you.

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