Soya kabab: A healthy starter item for vegetarians

by Pooja Late so cut

Have you known soya is becoming one of the controversial foods in town? Somewhere you can find the debate of whether the soya is good or bad for health. Contrary, the soya is sourced with the pack of nutrition. Even soya chunks are replacing the essential nutrients for people who don’t wish to taste egg or mil or meat. You can find any type of soya in vegan diets. If you are getting tired to prepare the soya recipes you can try the starter recipes as soya kabab to start your day with the healthy food. 

Time is taken to prepare the dish

Majorly this recipe is made with simple household items. You need not wait for the right season to bring the ingredients and prepare this recipe. By using the soya, bread and mild seasoning you can simply make this recipe. Approximately, within 1hr 15 mins you can cook this recipe. The method of cooking this recipe is simpler than comparing it to preparing the meat starter. Preparation time for this recipe is 15 mins and the remaining 1 hr is for cooking time.

Keep the ingredients ready for cooking

The following measures of ingredients are suitable to cook for at least 4 members. You can take less or more as per your requirement and cooking style.

2 cups of soya (granules), 2 tbsp vinegar, 4 slices of bread crumbled fine, 2 tbsp of garlic paste, ½ tsp of powdered black pepper, ¼ cup of chopped onions, 2 tsp of chopped hard mirch, 1 tsp of chili powder, oil, onion rings, lemon wedges. 

From the ingredients, you may guess the nutrients going to pack with the dish. The dish soya kabab is going to give you the best food to taste in quick veg starters. 

Preparation method to make soya kebabs

Method to make the mixture of ingredients

Initially, you should soak the soya granules at least ½ hr before you ahead to prepare this dish. Then you should wash it under running water and squeeze out the water contains in the soaked soya. Now, you should mix every ingredient as aforementioned except the garnish and oil. You should mix the ingredients until it gets mixed well. Allow it to for few minutes to get the soya well-mixed with the textures of ingredients.

Shaping the mixture of ingredients

After allowing it to mix, you can shape the ingredient mixture in any shape as per your cooking style or desire to have the dish soya kabab. You should refrigerate the shaped ingredient for at least an hour.


Proceeding the soya kebab dish

Using the thin layer of the pan is ideal to fry the refrigerated shaped soya ingredient. Add the shaped ingredients on heated oil on the pan. Fry it until it obtains the brownish color over medium heat on both the side of the ingredient. 

On the whole, by adding the garnished, onion rings and lemon wedges you can take this starter soya kabab with suitable chutney. Be sure to roast it in medium heat to avoid over fry. 


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