Sorbitol Powder Skin Benefits

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What is Sorbitol? 

Sorbitol is also known as glucitol is a type of carbohydrate. It falls into the category of sugar alcohol as it retrieves from a solution of gluten-free wheat.

It is an important ingredient in food that needs to be stored for some time. Natural Sorbitol Powder is a natural constituent of fruits and is found naturally in fruits such as apples and pears; dry fruits such as prunes and raisins; stoned fruits like apricots and peaches, and berries of the family of the Sorbus tree.

It provides a high dose of dietary energy to the body as it metabolizes slowly in the human body and its some other qualities like a low calorific value, good moisture absorption capacity, and much more quality make it suitable to use in packaged foods and beverages to provide sweetness, texture, and moisture retention.

 It is also used in pharmaceutical products, sugar-free foods, and oral care products such as mouth fresheners and toothpaste owing to its low calorific value,  It is prescribed for use by diabetes patients as it has a lesser tendency to increase the sugar level in the blood. 

Sorbitol Powder Skincare Benefits

Sorbitol is also used as a thickening agent in skincare products like gel, lotion, moisturizer, cream as it increases their moisture-retaining capacity. The use of Sorbitol has been declared safe by various scientific studies done from time to time

Sorbitol Powder also acts as a prebiotic ingredient, helping to feed the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin.  Sorbitol helps to visibly hydrate the skin, improve skin texture, and support the health of the skin. It has various uses in Skincare Products.


Sorbitol is also used as a thickening agent in moisturizers, cream as it increases their moisture-retaining capacity. It helps to visibly hydrate the skin, improve skin texture, and support the health of the skin.

It is a water-attracting ingredient that pulls water into the skin keeping it hydrated and moisturize. Its humectant properties make sorbitol be a useful ingredient for those with dehydrated skin.


Sorbitol acts as a shield and prevents skin damage external elements like pollution and chemical-based ingredients which is beneficial for aging skin.

 As part of the normal aging process as we age our skin slowly loses water-based hydration retaining capacity. The top few layers of the skin contain natural humectants that attract and retain water inside of skin cells keeping skin hydrated reducing wrinkle formation.

Therefore, applying products that contain humectant moisturizers can keep skin hydrated and moisturize helping to reduce signs of aging.


Another important function of sorbitol which is widely used in cosmetics and skincare products is its thickening agent property. 

Thickeners agents are widely used in the skincare & cosmetic industry as they help the product to be applied smoothly and evenly across the skin. 

This ensures that the key ingredients of your products applied across skin are getting distributed proportionally to where they need to work. Thickeners help to improve the feel of the product. This is mostly a sensory effect but makes the product feel nice on the skin.

Is Sorbitol Powder Safe for Skin?

Yes, the use of Sorbital Powder is safe for the skin as it has been used for many decades now and after much researches have been done from time to time by various agencies, it is considered a safe ingredient in both cosmetics and food industries


.It is also recognized as a safe ingredient for skincare and cosmetic products.  Sorbitol Powder doesn’t cause irritation or worsen the sensitivity of the skin.

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