Cornstarch Powder: Skin & Hair Benefits

by Rohit Thakur Exploring

A Magical ingredient, Natural Cornstarch is a carbohydrate extracted from the endosperm of corn is a natural moisture-absorbing powder commonly used as an alternative to chemically made talcum powders. 

This white natural powder has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to soothe irritated skin and refresh the body, whilst not harming the skin. Its high absorption capacity easily soaks the excess oil from the skin and leaves it soft and moisturize. It is also used as a thickening agent in various skin care beauty products other industries also.

Skin Benefits of Cornstarch

Cornstarch is used as a setting powder for oily & shiny skin people. Its high absorbing capacity soaks the excessive oil for skin which helps in keeping the makeup for a long time.

It works as Natural Deodorant when cornstarch mixed with lavender oil is applied on underarms.The anti-inflammatory properties of Cornstarch help to soothe skin rashes, burns, and itching.

It can be used as a DIY soother for Skin irritation, sunburn, and skin allergies.Mixing 1 tablespoon of cornstarch +1 tablespoon of glycerin +1\4 teaspoon of rum can be used as a facial cleanser to remove dead skin due to its mild abrasive property

Just sprinkle a dash of cornstarch and its moisture absorption property helps to get rid of sweating feet when you wear shoes.


It helps to remove dark spots from the face and soothe sunburn and heal insect bites

CornStarch due to its antibacterial property can be used to treat athletes’ disease foot caused by some fungi where it protects the starch from the disease and helps to cure it if any.

 Hair Benefits of Cornstarch

Natural Cornstarch can use in dry shampoo for cleaning oily hair and drying the scalp. Take small amounts of cornstarch and dust the roots of your hair & let it be for 5 minutes. Then just comb and feel the difference remove hair excessive tangling just put some cornstarch powder on it and comb your hair without any hassle.

It is considered a safer alternative to baby powders, it is not a chemical formulation and is free from talc. Talc in powder is associated with cancer and circulatory disorders whereas cornstarch is not.

Corn Starch absorbs that condensation and grease so your scalp and hair stay fresh. These cleansing powers have been used as a DIY stain-remover for decades, specifically when it comes to oily spills and smudges

One of the best-known natural ingredients for straight hair iscorn starch, better known as maize starch. Cornstarch with its nutritional, moisturizing, and repairing properties, help leave hair: soft, strong, shiny and smooth.


Cornstarch is wonder is therefore wonder ingredient naturally available and when used properly provide a lot of benefits in treating skin and hair problems without any use of harmful chemicals.

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