Soften Your Look without Surgery by Looking to Your Jawline

by Karen C. Health Guide

Also referred to as jawline slimming, face slimming, and jawline shaping, whatever you may have heard it called it is a refined procedure aimed at softening facial contours of the jawline. This treatment can soften the look of your jaw a common cosmetic concern where the jaw displays with too much prominence giving the appearance of an overly strong jaw. While many men aren’t concerned by this, many even seeking out enhancements to achieve this kind of look, however, for those looking for a softer or more feminine aesthetic will often find jawline slimming treatment a fantastic option to consider.

Almost Anyone is Suitable for Jawline Slimming

Non-surgical jaw slimming and reshaping is a very flexible treatment, suitable for just about anyone, especially those looking for a non-surgical alternative to jaw reduction. There is a wide range of people seeking to make adjustments to how their jawline presents. At Skin Club, they will happily see patients from their twenties, all the way into their 60s regularly looking to enhance the look of their jawline cosmetically. This treatment is in no way gender-specific either; they can help both men and women achieve fantastic looking jawlines suited to their tastes.

Not Only Cosmetic Advantages

Many issues resulting from an overly tense jaw can often be improved when relaxing the jawline with these treatments; some people opt to have them for these reasons alone. Some of the things that you may find it beneficial for is TMD (a type of temporomandibular disorder that causes jaw joint pain), teeth grinding, and certain types of headaches. The injections used in this treatment relax underlying muscles, and while often the goal is aesthetic, not always, as the effects of relaxing the muscles around the jawline can often assist with the previously mentioned issues. If you are struggling with any of these issues and also are looking to soften your aesthetic, this treatment is potentially even more practical for you, and likely worth considering looking into.

What is Involved in this Treatment?

Using precision Skin Club’s Cosmetic Doctors will use an injectable that relaxes muscles in the local area of injection. As the underlying muscles in the jawline are relaxed, this region of the face takes on a softer look, while this treatment isn’t permanent it is quick to perform and non-invasive making it very appealing to those looking to avoid surgical alternatives.

How Long is this Treatment Effective?

This injectable lasts between 3-6 months depending on a few factors, some areas though will retain some degree of effects for as long as 12 months. Your Cosmetic doctor at Skin Club will be able to give you a reasonable estimate on when to schedule a top up if you are planning to regularly partake in these treatments based on their experience performing them so frequently. When the procedures are ceased, and the injectable wears off, muscle intensity will return to normal in the treated areas.

Does it Hurt or Have any Significant Side Effects?

The pain involved with this type of treatment is very low, if this is something you are still concerned about speak to them as they have various methods of helping you with this concern if you are overly sensitive to pain. When it comes to side effects, while all treatments have some side effects, the injectable used in this treatment has an excellent track record of safety. The most common side effects are minor bruising, mild swelling, redness, and possible nausea, when these occur, they typically dissipate fairly quickly over around a week after treatment. During your consultation, you will be fully informed of the risks involved with this and any other treatments you are considering having performed.

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