Semen (Sperm) Analysis

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Semen analysis measures the volume of semen a man produces and determines the number and quality of sperm in the semen sample. It is usually one of the first tests done to determine whether a man has a problem of infertility. Abnormal semen or sperm (count /motility and morphology) affects more than 40% of the couples who are unable to have children.

What Is the Purpose of Test?

The main purpose to follow the procedure is, Investigation of fertility in Male and to Identify treatment options like:

·         Surgical treatment.

·         Medical treatment.

·         Assisted conception treatment.

·         Determine the suitability of semen for ART – Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IUI / IVF / ICSI).

Prerequisites of Sample Collection?

·         Specimen is to be collected into sterile, non-toxic, wide-mouth container, after a couple has abstained from sexual activity for 2-3 days to not longer than 5 days.

·         This collected following prolonged abstinence tend to have higher volumes and decreased motility.

·         During fertility test, two or three samples are usually tested at 2-week intervals, with two abnormal samples considered significant.

·         The specimen is to be delivered to the laboratory within 1 hour of collection and the laboratory personnel must record the time of specimen collection and specimen receipt.

·         The sample analysis, which begins ideally within 30 mins, but absolutely within 60 mins of ejaculation.

How to collect the sample?

Collection method for sample is briefly introduced below:

·         Masturbation: This is the method of choice for all seminal fluid tests.

·         By condom: In place of normal condoms, special ones without the lubricants are to be recommended for fertility testing because the condoms may contain spermicidal agents.

·         By coitus interrupts: This is withdrawal method which is not recommended to patient as there is a possibility of spillage of the semen sample.

How a better analysis of sperm morphology is an important parameter of semen analysis?

Sperm morphology is an important parameter to determine its fertilizing ability. The Egg (oocyte) is enclosed in a protein coat called as Zona Pellucida (ZP) through which the sperm has to penetrate in order to fertilize the egg. If there is any defect in sperm morphology it will find difficulty to penetrate the ZP.

Shape Abnormality of Sperm: Abnormal sperms shape often contain abnormal DNA.It may have an extra chromosome, short of a chromosome or the DNA is packed in head in such a way that, if it penetrates the ZP, the DNA would get all tangled up when it tries to form a chromosome inside the egg. Therefore, the nature has evolved a way to keep abnormally shaped sperm from getting inside the egg and thereby maximizing the genetic development potential of the embryo.

There are three main causes of poor sperm morphology:

·         Poor sperm morphology may be due to exposure of toxic chemical because the people working in automotive paint shops are often exposed to a myriad of chemicals known to be detrimental to fertility.

·         Chronic smoking, obesity, use of recreational drugs are common causes of sperms getting affected.

·         Increased temperature of testicular can cause poor sperm morphology.

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