Say Goodbye to Brittle and Rough Hair with Bellezon Professional Hair Serum Smooth Gloss

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Say Goodbye to Brittle and Rough Hair Did you start noticing your hair texture has changed and surprised? Why is my hair becoming so brittle and rough? Why is my hair so dry? Well, the chances are that your tresses did not become rough and brittle overnight. Thus, there can be several reasons why your hair looks dull and brittle. It might be the result of several things you never realize you do. Even if the hair seems to be fragile, it just not one thing is done at a time, which results in dryness, damage, or another breakage. This is a blend of quite a few hair care blunders, which makes your tresses brittle and tough. 
But do not get scared. You can effortlessly get your hair back as the technique it was. All it seize is your endurance. As your hair does not become brittle and tough overnight, so it cannot be healthy overnight. But, this does not mean that doing little efforts and time cannot heal your damaged tresses. Skipping some of the unhealthy hair care habits can make your hair shiny as well as smooth. Thus, your hair will be healthy and hydrated. Here are some ways to get rid of brittle and rough hair. 

Do not heat Style Hair Regularly 

The heat through the flat iron, twist irons, and blow dryer can, in certainty, do a number on your hair strings. Styling your hair with these heat style tools are too hot. Make sure to keep track of how often you utilize the heating tools. 

Lesser Chemical Treatments 

The chemical treatment, like the keratin treatment or others, can strip off the cuticle layer of the hair and then penetrate to the cortex or middle layer. This layer mainly consists of the structure which determines the texture, color, or strength of the hair. However, the chemical treatment done on the hair ruins the appearance of your hair locks. Additionally, it can make your hair dull and prone to damage. 

Lack of nutrition 

The diet which lacks the vitamins and proteins can result in making the hair brittle and rough. If you only consume the bad fat and sugar, your hair will not accomplish the nutrients which are needed to fix and grow itself. The poor nutrition only makes the hair brittle and rough but also results in the fallout. Thus, for healthy and shiny hair, make sure to eat the food enriched with essential vitamins. 

Weather Condition 

You might have noticed that you are incredibly brittle and rough in the summertime. This is due to the reason for swimming, or you have overexposed your hair to the sun, which dehydrated your hair make them prone to damage. Well, the month of summer is not just real culprits. Additionally, overheated indoors in winter can also cause hair brittle and rough. 

Using the Wrong Shampoo

Every individual hair is different, which is the reason a shampoo works for you better for not for your friend. This is the reason it is crucial to be cautious while choosing a shampoo. Use the shampoo which suits your hair and make them thicker. Pick the shampoo that protects your hair.

Change in the Hormones

The physiology shifts among the body can be caused due to menopause or pregnancy. Well, these changes can result in the hormonal imbalance, which in result has unpleasant effects on your hair. All these effects present themselves in several ways incorporating the roughness and brittleness. If you think your hair is brittle, ensure to consult a doctor to get the treatment done. 

Skim Trimming 

Are you trying to cultivate your hair? It just obtains only 6 weeks for your hair trimmings to smash and skirmish. As too many strands split end can result in making the hair rough and brittle. Thus, getting your hair trim one time in two months can make your hair healthy. 

What brittle and rough hair look Like?

Each hair is unique as they are. The type of your hair determines its texture as well as volume. Additionally, it provides the option for styling. Some hair simply never respond to the styling and heat as other hair types. 
Without consideration of the type of your hair, here are some common signs of healthy hair:
Smooth texture with less tangling 
Less shedding of the hair
Sturdy and robust scalp which is free from dandruff
Retains the natural feel of the hair while exposed to humidity
Natural bounce and movement of hair 
Does not prone to breakage
No fraying or split ends lesser signs of breakage
Natural shine and luster 
Not over oily hair 
Does not break when pulled due to snap back quality 


The hair which absorbs the water just as sponge rather than repelling it is mainly too dry. The brittle and rough hair is more likely to be break when they are stretched or pulled. If your hair never holds the color or style perfectly, it is also the sign of brittle and rough hair. 
Is your hair showing some of the signs of damage? Then, it is not something that you can ignore. Finding more hair on your hairbrush than the usual or seeing sprinkled hair on a pillow while waking up is the result of thinning. Do you want to say goodbye to brittle and rough hair? Then, Bellezon Professional provides hair with hair serum smooth gloss, which protects provide shiny and healthy hair.

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