Sail Smoothly Through Your Pregnancy with These Meditation Techniques

by Catherine Wilde Soul Care Mom - Self Care Expert for Moms & Kids |

Pregnancy is not less than a miraculous experience in the life of a woman, and it’s a journey that would make major transitions in your life. 


But the struggles of pregnancy are not hidden from anybody. No doubt, others might accompany you in this life-changing journey, but in many ways, it is a solitary experience. 


A woman has to go through all the highs and lows, excitement and gloom, pain and pleasure, etc. So if you are also feeling overwhelmed in your pregnancy trip, then you must resort to meditation to find some peace throughout the process and make your pregnancy more fulfilling. 


This article will delve deeper into guided meditations for moms to elevate their pregnancy experience.


Pregnancy Meditation Techniques 


      ·        Deep belly meditation


To perform this meditation practice, you need to place your hands on your belly. Then, you need to observe the sensations under your hands. See how do you feel? Try to breathe slowly in and out. If you have any thoughts, then let them float away. 


Try to do this practice for five minutes each day, then you should gradually try to add more time each week.  


  • The mantra of your life!


Be aware that your words have much power in them. When you utter something, you trust in it. It tends to have a significant impact on the consciousness and nervous system. Practice some positive and strong affirmations to help you through these difficult times. 


Meditation Techniques for Labor 


  • Visualization of a “wave.”


Visualizing yourself as a wave can actually lower down the intensity of pain. Visualization is meditation which is combined with mental imagery, which is a useful tool to have when in labor. 


You should try to see each contraction you experience as a wave in the ocean. See it going on the peak and low points. 


  • “Blossoming Lotus” technique 


The Lotus flower symbolizes piousness and spirituality. You should visualize your cervix as a blossoming lotus flower. And chant “open, open, open.”


  • Focus on “Third eye.”


You should become aware of the third eye between the spaces of your brows. This third eye affects the regulation of wake-sleep patterns and the energy levels you have. So during your labor time, relax your muscles by focusing on this eye. 


Meditation Affirmations for Daily Life 


  • Ups and downs: Ups and downs are part of pregnancy. Sometimes you will conquer all the lows beautifully. Other times you would feel like giving up. So the journey of pregnancy is nothing less than stepping into the ocean. So while you experience all these ups and downs, utter this mantra. 


Affirmation: I can very well go with the flow.  


  • Let’s create a miracle:


 Pregnancy is actually a wonderful experience when you realize that every part of your child- like lungs, heart, fingers, eyelashes develop inside you. Every step is crucial for the good growth of the child so that the child can come into the world in a healthy way. 


Affirmation: My child is a miracle.  


  • Friendship is essential too! 


During your pregnancy, it is vital to keep up with friends and family. Your relationships should not lag behind, and you should let them accompany you in your pregnancy journey. 


Affirmations: I can share my pregnancy without compromising my friendship.  


  • Unsolicited advice 


You might sometimes get overwhelmed with the kinds of advice you get from your family, friends, and acquaintances. So you should better avoid so many pieces of advice and listen to your intuition.   


Affirmation: I’ll decide what I do and don’t need to hear everybody. 


      ·        Couvade


Couvade is an inexplicable phenomenon in which expectant fathers feel like experiencing pregnancy-like symptoms. The presence is a reminder that expectant fathers also have an active effect on pregnancy. 


Affirmation: The father of my child deserves my attention and respect.


      ·        Perseverance


The importance of meditation cannot be neglected when you are experiencing your pregnancyYou need to have patience and perseverance while you are pregnant. The following mentioned affirmation would help you to sail smoothly through the demanding experience.  


Affirmation: I have all that it takes to get through labor and delivery. 

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