Growth Mindset Can Guide Kids to Understand Intelligence

by Catherine Wilde Soul Care Mom - Self Care Expert for Moms & Kids |

The best and the worst thing about parenting is that you get to shape the way your kids think. Whatever thoughts and principles you instil in them at a juvenile stage, it is going to be the foundation of their character. This thought can be pretty frightening as well because it all depends on you how the child grows out to be. Nurturing a growth mindset for kids is critical if you wish to see them prosper mentally, physically, and financially. This can empower your children and help them thrive to the greatest extent. 

How Does Mindset Work? 

Let’s take for an instance, your kid has been trying to draw a bunny for a long time but it’s not coming out particularly artistic. They frown and lose all hope by saying, “I can’t do this.” What do you do? Do you let them dwell in self-loathe and fear? No, you walk over and put your arm around them. Tell them to take a few breaths and once they have reconnected with themselves after a scared pause, you make them understand that learning anything new takes time and practice. 

Rephrase her sentence to include the most powerful word; yet 

“I can’t do this yet” 

This tiny word is sure to transform the way your kids think and open up a world of possibility in front of them. This is how a growth mindset works. For every obstacle, your kid should be able to rationally find a solution. You must inculcate in them the habit of taking a pause in challenging times and then proceeding with the solution. 

Without further ado, let’s delve into some pretty amazing Self-care activities for kids that are sure to teach them a growth mindset. 

Ways to Teach Growth Mindset to Kids 

These ways can help you raise resilient, happy, and thriving kids. 

  1. First Things First, Discuss Growth Mindset 

It is recommended you talk to your kids about how their brains can get stronger. Teach them ways to make it grow like other muscles in the body. 

  1. Set an Example 

Your kids will follow what they witness. When you take out time from your busy schedule to do the inner work and build your own growth mindset, you are sure to set the example and show the possibilities that accompany this mindset shift. 

  1. Encourage Curiosity 

This is one of the most significant steps to nurture a growth mindset for kids. You, as a parent, must always encourage your kids to share their ideas and theories. You must always be open to answer questions that arise in their young minds. Spending time in nature, trying new ways of doing things, and allowing time for curiosity and creativity can help you foster a curious and adventurous spirit in your child. 

  1. Make the Question Negative Thoughts and Self-Limiting Belief 

Instil in them the mantra of sky being the limit. When you hear your child say “I can’t do this.” Take some time to talk with them about whether the thought is actually true. When you let your kids take a deeper look at your negative beliefs, you’ll often find that you can’t prove them to be true. 

Try these tactics with your kids and raise them into resilient, happy kids with a positive mindset.

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