Roulette Game: Know These Dos And Don'ts Before Entering

by Prateek Chaturvedi Professional Blogger
Casinos are filled with people having loads of adrenaline, energy and enthusiasm to win something at least. But its most often that they forget to behave themselves because of the joy of winning something. One must follow the do's and don'ts of casino's if not be kicked out by the bouncers. To learn more about the do's and don'ts, they are provided as follows.

Do's at casino roulette.

  • Switch off the mobile.
    Its bad manners to have your mobile phone ringing at a game of casino roulette. Ensure the phones are switched off or kept on silent not to disturb others that the table.
  • Leave your selfie sticks at home.
    A casino is no place to take photos, especially at a roulette game. Keep all your selfie-taking skills away as it's a highly guarded place where you might end up in trouble for taking pictures without appropriate permissions.
  • Tipping.
    Tipping is must whether you are playing offline or online roulette. It's mandatory because it gives a good impression of you on the table and shows that you appreciate the dealer of the game.

Don'ts at a roulette game.

  • Drinking too much.
    Never drink while you are playing roulette game. It's great if you have a single drink, but going overboard and not having control on yourself in the case of drinking can prove to bring about more significant losses and being kicked out from the casino.
  • Over excitement over winning.
    Never try to showcase your excitement on any of the roulette tables. While online roulette is entirely different, keep all the drama with yourself when playing in a casino.
  • Push others at the table.
    Playing roulette can be fun, but never disturb the others that are at the table that are trying to play the game. Ensure that you keep your joy to yourself and avoid pushing others either while placing the bets or any other reason for the matter.
The do's and don'ts that are mentioned above wouldn't necessarily be applicable on online roulette, but it is to be followed in all casinos. These are few of the casino etiquettes that are to be monitored closely and ensured that you never deviate from being civilized and organized at all times in a casino.


The article provides a brief introduction on the etiquettes that are to be followed in a casino. Everyone must be poised and have some form of dignity while playing the casino roulette. The game is exciting, but misbehaving can get yourself barred from the casino. The do's and don'ts that are provided above provide a small insight as to how you can enjoy the different games in a casino and not cause problems to others.  Table manners are essential, and these do's and don'ts often abide by those rules to give a different impersonation about yourself in the casino. 

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