Before Entering the Casino - Know These Do's And Don'ts

by Prateek Chaturvedi Professional Blogger
There must be some of the preconceived do's and don'ts before you enter to play casino. Some of the basic unwritten rules must be followed when you enter a land-based casino game. If you don't follow basic etiquette, you might attract unsettling glances from your dealer and the fellow players. 

Below are some of the essential tips to make your casino trip all the more comfortable:

1. Make sure you turn off your mobile phone
Not only your mobile ringer is disturbing for the dealer, but it can also be equally disturbing for the fellow players who are focussing on the game of blackjack. At some of the instances, the croupier will politely tell you to step away from the table to take your call or, to turn off your mobile phone. 

2. Do not carry your selfie stick or camera
The craze to capture the casino floor wherein the roulette tables are buzzing with players, or the whizzing slot machines is hard to go by. But, you may need to control the urge to click pictures, or you may listen from the security. 

3. Cashing out
You need to cash out before you leave the table as roulette chips are coloured. Make sure you indicate to the croupier that you want to leave and he will change the roulette chips for generic casino cash chips. The same is applicable for blackjack. 

4. Learn to tip
There are certain countries where dealers can't be tipped. Unless you're not in one of those, you must tip the dealer out of courtesy. It is considered for you to leave a small gratuity for the dealer when you leave the table. It need not be significant in number, just a gesture counts. 

5. Always listen to the dealer
If a roulette croupier says, "No more bets", then he certainly means it. For being sure about the passage of play, one of the casino game's fresher classes can seem to be beneficial for you. 

6. Handling the chips
At a roulette table, the dealer will hand a different colour of chips to everyone. This is to differentiate your chips from other people on the table. Remember your colour and learn where the chips have to be placed correctly for a bet. Don't be afraid to ask the dealer for help if you need it; this way you won't be forfeiting bets by placing chips in the wrong place. Don't move or remove the chips during a spin of the roulette or hand of blackjack, and don't touch other players' chips. These are basic etiquette. 

The croupier will place winning chips on top of your bets on the table and leave them. It's your job then to remove the chips if you want or "let it ride" on the next bet.

7. Make sure you observe the gameplay before joining
It would be appropriate to wait and watch a few hands of any table game before you sit down and play. That way, you can pick up on some basic rules and come up with your strategy for the game. After all, it will lead to a much better atmosphere when you are finally ready to sit down and play. Then, make sure you're aware of the minimum and maximum bets of each table as they will differ.

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