Rheumatoid Arthritis Effects Co-relation with Brain

by Darsh K. Digital Marketing

Our body’s immune system acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria and infections. Usually, the immune system defends against germs such as bacteria and viruses. It sends out a brigade of cells to attack them when it detects these foreign invaders. However, many times, the immune system mistakenly gives out an abnormal immune response on a body part. 

Most of the autoimmune disorder attacks the healthy cells of a particular organ. Among them diagnosed autoimmune disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis is a common disorder under which more than 1.5 million people in the United States are affected. This disease is particularly more common with middle-aged women as compared with men of similar age. Under this disorder, the joints are swelled because of the inflammation in the tissue around the inside of the joints. The swelled joints pain hamper in the movement of the joints and mostly affects the below areas:

·         Feet, 

·         Wrists, 

·         Elbows, 

·         Knees and 

·         Ankles

·         Hands

Despite the common nature of this disorder, not many people know how the human brain plays a role in it. Rheumatoid Arthritis also affects the brain along with joints of the body. The disorder results in defecting the functional links present inside the brain and results in fatigue as well as mood swings. Due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, the person is unable to focus, think and grasp new things while learning them.

Hindering the performance of a healthy brain, the ability to think, read, recall and carry out other mental tasks diminishes as the disorder progresses. In rheumatoid arthritis, high levels of cytokine accumulate to cause inflammation and damage tissues in the cartilage and other inflamed joint tissues.

Many studies show that there is a correlation between inflammation of RA and changes in brain communication patterns. In the brain area known as the inferior parietal lobe, it also displayed a lower volume of gray matter. Due to the disorder, the brain results in fatigue, pain and impaired ability in the body. Pain pulls a person's focus away from mental tasks, but it may interfere with the amount or quality of sleep they receive, leading to fatigue.

People who sleep poorly often report feeling that they are not as alert or t           hat they feel foggy while working. The effects of rheumatoid arthritis on the brain are quite frustrating, making it important to go for rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Reduced grey matter due to the disorder makes a person to encounter difficulties in concentrating on things. This type of arthritis is a degenerative disease, which gets worse with time, and without a proper autoimmune disease treatment, it affects the health and lifestyle of a person.

The disorder also isolates the brain and results in alteration of functional connections in the brain and some of the cognitive effects that serve as the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Through rheumatoid arthritis treatment and autoimmune disease treatment in pune, an affected person can reduce isolation allowing the brain to work in a normal way and avoid distractions. 

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