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The relationship of the human being with the sacred or the divinity. A particular religion is defined by the elements specific to a community of believers: dogmas, sacred books, rites, cults, sacraments, moral prescriptions, prohibitions, organization, etc. Most religions have developed from a revelation based on the exemplary story of a people, a prophet, or a sage who taught an ideal of life.

Religion can be defined by its three main characteristics, Religious beliefs and practices, religious feeling or faith, and the union in the same community of those who share the same faith: the Church. This is what differentiates religion from magic a pendant jewel with a strong religious symbol, bearer of Hope.

More than the instrument of Christ's death, the cross is the symbol of life through the Resurrection of Jesus. But also, patience, and humility, because it evokes this cross that Christ had to carry on his shoulders, all along the path of Golgotha, in pain, the humiliation of jibes and another sputum. Several times fell, Christ always rose.

Whether it is of the finest gold, ornate, decorated with diamonds or other precious stones, or that it is of the vilest alloy, the cross makes it possible to affirm one's faith, but also belonging to one's community: there are Catholic crosses, and Protestant crosses called Huguenot.

There are as many models of crosses as there are regions or even. In the 19th century, some provinces, more prosperous than others, experienced a flourishing of models of great diversity, in gold, all more ornate than each other.

religious necklaces for her, they are worn by the wives and daughters of wealthy farmers, notables, and bourgeois. The less well-off were satisfied with silver crosses, even bronze or brass.

Gradually, from the Second Empire, the jewelry made fashionable by Empress Eugenie and the court conquered the provinces.

The bourgeoisie of the cities, then the inhabitants of the countryside gradually abandon the regional styles so varied to follow the Parisian fashion more uniform.

It is the fashion religious necklaces for her that appear almost everywhere and among many celebrities. The horizontal cross is a contemporary and very popular trend of our time. Some may wonder what a horizontal cross is. In reality, there is no definition in textbooks, but there are many interpretations of this growing trend in the world of jewelry.

 Discover the large collection of horizontal cross jewelry from for womens religious gifts click here, including necklaces that will allow you to wear a powerful symbol and assert yourself.

For some, the horizontal cross is simply a fashion effect. The vertical cross has been used in the fashion world for a long time, while the horizontal cross is a rather new trend - dating from recent years - which is now taking the world of jewelry by storm. Spotted among many celebrities, the horizontal cross is a sacred and elegant piece to wear. The personalized Cross Necklace in Gold Plated Silver is a bold statement for women religious gifts click here.

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