Reasons Why You Must Add Video Marketing in your Marketing Strategy

by Jimmy Jammy Digital Marketing Executive

The video revolution has hit the internet. 63% of businesses have already started using video content marketing. Out of them, 82% of businesses feel that video marketing is an important part of their strategy. The wave of video marketing is spreading rapidly and is reaching new heights. The businesses can clearly see the positive growth after introducing video as part of their marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, video marketing is the newest marketing strategy used by businesses across the world.

You might still have some doubts. Is it really worth using videos for promoting the business? Do you have resources to create video content for marketing?

The simple answer to your questions is yes. Not because everyone is doing it but because the video is one of the most versatile digital marketing strategies out there. Here are some of the reasons why you should add a video to your marketing strategy.

More People Watch Videos on Social Platforms

According to a survey, 48% of people agreed that they are most likely to share the video content with their friends on social media, ahead of any other type of content. This means that if you want to make an impact on social media, you must post creative videos on your social channel.

From posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to creating stories, live videos, and virtual reality, video sharing on a social platform are on an increase every day.

Apart from this, video is much more engaging to social viewers as compared to any other type of content. Live videos get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Also, incorporating videos to your post drives more interactions. The social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter play videos automatically on your feed, making them more eye-catchy.

Video Helps in Driving More Conversions and Sales

Videos can help businesses make serious money. Adding product videos can increase your conversions by 80%. Research shows that 74% of users who have watched an explainer video about a product have subsequently bought it.

If you are a product/service-based company, you should start focusing on creating some product videos or guides revolving around your product/services capabilities. You should take action now before your competitors gain authority in the market.

Develops Trust

You might have felt that trust is the key to conversions and sales. When a prospective customer watches a video with your product in action, a level of trust gets developed between you two. The entire concept of marketing is based on developing trust and long-term relationships.

And the best part is that video does it all. Video content is more likely to engage the audience. Promotional videos can foster trust as well. Some customers still fear to buy products and services from the internet as they fear fraud and cheating. Effective marketing videos must present their product/service in a conversational form. 57% of customers have accepted that videos have given them more confidence to purchase a product online.

Google Loves Videos

Videos help in increasing the dwell time of your website. The visitor spends more time on your site while watching the videos that have been embedded between the content. You are 53 times more likely to be shown upon the first page of Google if you have a video in your content.

If you are uploading the video on YouTube, ensure that you have optimized it for YouTube SEO. You should write interesting titles and descriptions. Also add a link back to your website, services or products. Give your potential customers a way to take the next step. Explore the world of interactive videos and encourage actions.

Video Marketing can Explain Just Everything

Creating a video to show how your products and services work can bring real-time conversions. 98% of users say that they have watched explainer video to learn more about a product or service. This is the reason why 45% of businesses use video marketing on homepage.

You can even create animated videos and use them to bring concepts to life that no text can ever do. Add some entertainment, nostalgia and simplicity to your videos and see them working.

Videos Increases Brand Awareness

Video marketing is versatile. You can create videos for different purposes and for every stage of buyer’s journey. Videos increase brand awareness, encourage brand engagement, bring more conversions and more.

It depends how you create videos for your targeted personas. For example- Create fun-filled social videos to show your brand personality to your customers. You can create simple informational product videos too for your potential customers who wish to learn about your products. You can create strategically targeted videos for the buyers who are already in your sales funnel and direct them to a landing page that can bring more conversions.

The Bottom Line

If you are running a product-service based company, videos must be the part of your marketing strategy. Videos can bring more conversions and help you explain about your product/service in a better way. Your customers can understand your products/services better if communicated via videos. Adding videos will benefit you in SEO as well. Businesses are generating a good amount of conversions through videos. It’s the time to rise and think beyond your normal marketing strategy. It’s the time show your potential customers what your brand is all about and how they will be benefitted.

Author Bio: Deepak Sachdeva is a well renowned Internet Marketer and Digital Consultant at Design A Website. He Loves exploring new online marketing techniques and helping businesses build online brands. He likes writing on topics like Digital Marketing and Education

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