Rapid antibody blood test will soon test corona patient

by GoMedii Technologies Health Consultant

Coronavirus is spreading fast in India, so it is very important to check corona rapidly. More than 110 people have died in India due to the coronavirus. In this case, the number of patients in Corona in India is increasing rapidly. It was taking more than 24 hours to investigate the coronavirus in India, but it will not happen now. It has been decided by the ICMR and Union Health Ministry that a Rapid Antibody Blood Test will be carried out to test the Kovid-19 disease. With its help, the disease will be investigated soon. The special feature of the Rapid Antibody Blood Test is that the report comes within half an hour of the test.


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What will happen with the Rapid Antibody test?


In a rapid antibody blood test, blood samples can be taken from the fingers or blood can also be taken from the veins. In this, more people can be investigated in less time. The way corona patients are growing rapidly in India, rapid investigation has also become very important. Rapid antibody tests will also show if the person got infected with the virus, then how much effect it has on him. Information will also be available on whether the person's body has made antibodies or not.


What is a rapid antibody blood test?


Rapid antibody test will be done for immediate screening of Kovid-19. First you have to understand what an antibody is. Whenever a virus or pathogen enters our body, the body prepares a protective shield to fight it. This protective shield has been named an antibody. For people whose body immunity is good, antibodies are quickly formed in the body to protect against viruses. Antibodies are produced slowly in people whose immunity is weak. The process of making antibodies in the body of elderly people slows down. Due to the corona virus epidemic, more and more old people are having more problems. At the same time, older people are dying more due to this disease. The Rapid Antibody Test mainly consists of an IGG antibody test in a blood sample. In this, a finger prick can be used for rapid test, or it can also be venous blood.

These things in Kovid-19 test are special

  • Rapid antibody blood test ie Kovid-19 test shows the body's response to infection.
  • Genetic material of direct pathogen or virus is tested in PCR.
  • Pathogen information is available in PCR, while antibody rapid test provides information about the body's response to the virus.
  • Antibodies may take two to three weeks to develop. But this depends on the infection of the virus. This was also seen in the SARS corona virus case.
  • PCR is considered a more conclusive test.

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Rapid antibody blood test: know what ICMR has said

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has stated that Rapid Antibody Blood Tests will be conducted in clusters or hotspot areas where there have been more cases of corona virus infection. Advisory has been issued by ICMR, in which they Patients have been asked for a 14-day home quarantine with influenza symptoms such as cough, fever, or a cold. Rapid Antibody Blood Tests will soon examine the patients of Kovid-19. If rapid antibody blood test results are positive from blood, treatment of patients and home quarantine has also been said. How effective the new type of Kovid-19 test will be revealed only after some time.


If you see these symptoms of corona virus, then test immediately

In adults, elderly people and children who have a cardiopulmonary disease or weak immune system, the virus easily enters. Symptoms of virus infection can cause colds. Know what are the symptoms of Corona virus infection.


  • Runny nose
  • Headache problem
  • Coughing up
  • A sore throat
  • Feeling fever
  • General feeling of being unwell
  • Asthma problem


Keep these things in mind if you want to avoid Kovid-19

A doctor should be contacted immediately if symptoms of Kovid-19 appear. Even if you are careful while staying indoors, you can avoid corona virus disease. Doctors are advising all people to take care of cleanliness and protect their family from the risk of viruses.


  • Do not touch household items immediately when coming from outside.
  • Clean hands first, and also wash the feet.
  • Bring any items from outside in the house, then sanitize them well.
  • Do not meet people unnecessarily, do not crowd.
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue paper or elbow. Also, throw the tissue paper into the dustbin immediately. If using a handkerchief, keep it clean too.
  • If you have fever, cough or difficulty in breathing, see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Apart from Ayurvedic remedy, follow every advice of your health care provider and keep getting complete information.

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