Ramadan Opens the Gates of Paradise

by Ady Grewal Content writer
"When the month of Ramadan starts, the gate of the heaven are opened and the Gates of the hell are closed and the devils are chained." 

This is what Hazrat Muhammad (peace is upon him!) has explained the importance of Islam. 

Ramadan is one of the 12 Islamic months but it has great importance in our religion. Today, we will discuss in detail this saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). There is no doubt that Ramadan opens the gate of paradise. It means that the reward for every single prayer becomes many times more than the prayer performed in any other month. Allah Almighty has ordered all the Muslims of the world to fast in this month and has given them an open opportunity to collect blessings and rewards. 

Ramadan is a month that brings us towards self-evaluation so that we can analyze our lives and acts keenly. Ultimately, Ramadan provides us a way to improve our lifestyle in the long run. When you will be fasting, you will stay conscious all the time. You will be aware which acts are wrong and which acts are right, what you should perform and what you should avoid. When you will practice it for a month then it will become a part of your habits and after that, it will become easy for you to adopt such good habits. 

It has also been said that devils are chained in the month of Ramadan. It means that your spirit and urge for fasting and prayers will be maintained by nature. It becomes easier for Muslims to change their behavior and to adopt good habits. All of your physical, social and spiritual behavior will get improved. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims achieve a state of high self-consciousness.  When you will be in such a state then definitely you will not commit any such act that will reject the mercy of Allah and that will defy the divine. 

Ramadan opens the gates of Paradise but it does not mean that you should make sinful acts and you should do bad deeds. It is the month of blessings and every positive act will give you many times more reward than happened in any other month. Hence, rather than focusing on performing bad deeds, you should focus on doing good deeds that will save your life, your heaven and will boost your Islamic spirit. 

Spending the holiest month of Ramadan at the holiest place that is by performing Umrah will really be a great experience for you. The real sense of Islam will evolve in you and you will feel so relaxed. You can get details about a package for Umrah in Ramadan and then you can plan for availing Umrah Ramadan 2020 packages. Ramadan and fasting are all about earning the blessings and rewards. Choose the best Umrah Ramadan 2020 packages and plan for the spiritual journey to the land of Makkah and Madinah. 

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