R vs Matlab: Which one is more powerful and Why?

by Stat Analytica CEO

Now we've made a detailed comparison between R and Matlab. In terms of education, Matlab has a small advantage over R., but if we compare it based on the analysis of the work, R will gain a slightly more significant advantage over Matlab.

R is an open-source programming language. That way, you can demonstrate your experience by providing code to help other R developers, and this is useful for those looking to penetrate the world of data science.

R Definition

R is one of the most popular open-source programming languages. It is widely used in statistical calculations and graphs. A includes many libraries to accept multiple statistical and graphical transactions.

These methods include machine learning algorithms, assembly, time series analysis, and more. The best part of R is that it allows you to work harder than any other programming language. Similarly, you can expand R with custom packages.

In other words, you can easily create and incorporate other R packets. The best part is that you can create packages in several different programming languages, such as R and C, C, and Java.

Matlab Definition

Developed by MathWorks. It is a digital computing environment with many models, plus a unique programming language. Matlab is dedicated to mathematics and engineering. Therefore, it is widely used by engineers and scientists.

The name also indicates that Matlab allows us to perform various functions, such as array processing. Besides, we can also draw resources and data in Matlab. Besides, we can also implement algorithms, create user interfaces, and interact with programmers written in other programming languages, such as Java, C, Python, and many others.

Like other languages, Matlab is different from other programming languages. Get solutions applied to the Matlab app. In other words, you can get a set of tools in Matlab to perform various functions. Matlab tools are useful for learning and applying specialized technologies.

The Matlab toolbar contains several files called M. Files are used to solve a variety of specific problems. These problems include signalling systems, neural networks, control systems, and many other issues. It is widely used in linear data analysis, image processing.

Matlab and R are widely used in the market. Both languages have unique characteristics. Let's look at the real difference between R and Matlab.

Comparison Between R vs Matlab

Classes and Objects

R and Matlab are object-oriented programming languages. However, the only difference between Matlab and R is that the directory in Matlab is defined as a directory or business directory. These characteristics are used to work with a class object. R, on the other hand, provides a package ID section.


Matlab does not allow you to run the same licensed version on another operating system. Because Matlab software comes with a limit for installation on the computer.

Because you cannot install the same licensed version on another computer, Matlab uses the device address to indicate the configuration. You can run Matlab on different operating systems. However, it must be installed on the same computer.

On the other hand, R can work on all operating systems because it is an open-source programming language. Do not license copies of R. You can also run CRAN tests to make r packets work on your operating system.


Matlab is used for school numbers, drawing planning and many other mathematical functions. On the other hand, R is used to solve statistical problems. To do this, R offers a variety of prepackaged programs. These programs help solve analytics issues. Be more effective in troubleshooting analytical problems compared to Matlab.

Learning Curve

Matlab is an easy-to-use programming language. The Matlab Toolbox performs many functions in Matlab. On the other hand, R programming is complicated for beginners to learn a language.

It is because R uses syntax programming. In other words, if you want to perform some functions in R, you should use the R syntax, but the best part of R is open source programming. Therefore, you can find most of the code on the Internet to perform various repetitive tasks or tasks.


If we talk about the cost of these two programming languages, R leads to this comparison. Because R is an open-source product. Therefore, you must pay for everything to use the R programming language.

On the other hand, MATLAB is a licensed product; Besides, Matlab licenses vary depending on the Matlab program type. MathWorks is licensed.

Support and Documentation

R is an open-source programming language. Therefore, you cannot obtain support and official documents in R. However, and the best part is that R has a large development team to support and document.

On the other hand, you will receive the relevant MathWorks Matlab documents. You can access the Matlab document at any time and add hundreds of examples to help you learn.

When it comes to supporting, Matlab employs more than 200 technical support professionals worldwide. These experts are always ready to solve the problem. Otherwise, you will also have a vibrant Matlab community.

Machine Learning

R and Matlab are very useful in machine learning. For machine learning, R has a wide variety of libraries. On the other hand, Matlab has statistics and machine learning tools.

These toolkits are useful for data discovery, resource selection, authentication schemes, and more. Now it's up to you what you want to achieve with machine learning.

If you are processing images, choose Matlab. On the other hand, if you are running statistical methods for complex algorithms, you must choose R.


When it comes to thinking about r and Matlab data. So there's no competition between them. Because they can display the same data and output screens.

To view data, R offers four different graphical applications. These applications include baseline, network charts, network charts, and Ggplot2 charts. When you present data, the criteria are configured as a virtual graphics system. Besides, the underlying chart is the easiest to study and use between the four methods.

Matlab, on the other hand, offers 2D and 3D drawing capabilities to provide a graphical interface. You can also use custom graphics in Matlab with some programs. Besides, Matlab offers a Simulink package for the graphical programming environment. This environment is used to model, model, and analyze multiple fields.


Now we've made a detailed comparison between R and Matlab. For training, Matlab has a small advantage over R, but compared to business analysis, R takes a minor leadership position than Matlab.

R is an open-source programming language. Therefore, you can express your experience by providing code to help other R developers, and this is useful for those who want to participate in the world of data science.

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