Excel vs Tableau: The Comparison You Should Know

by Stat Analytica CEO

Comparing Excel with tables is a unique process for student statistics.

Starting from a preliminary comparison between Excel and Tableau, Excel is a spreadsheet program created by Microsoft Office; it is used for a variety of mathematical calculations.

It is also used for many data statistics and validation of Excel operations, with excellent tools for data analysts.

The leaderboard is another most crucial cognitive instrument in business, and it is used for inquiries, information, and reports. Besides, the processing of internet analysis and analysis is useful. It is the ultimate tool that is easy to understand.

Excel vs. Tableau

You know, both of the programs have properties similar to doing something, but this feature has been improved differently between Excel and Tableau.

Most users prefer the Tableau Excel, which compares some of the standard features of the tool, and Excel also likes this advantage over Tableau for a long time.

On the other hand, Tableau is also famous because it has the most significant impact on intellectual trade ability and also built-in Control Panel. Industry data studies can't track specific data analytics tools.

1) Definition

Excel is software to work with spreadsheets. Spreadsheet software is a spreadsheet that displays data in a tabular format. Besides, mobile data is stored online, and data can be controlled manually using data formulas.

The best part of Excel is an excellent tool for creating data images. To highlight specific data or append data to Excel, you can use fields or layout fields.

On the other hand, the table contains tools for creating data images – data in tabular format in graphic or graphic forms. It's useful to specify the trends or connections between data points.

The best feature of Tableau is that you are connected to a third-party data collection tool. There are also many functions, such as drag functions. It allows users to find information freely and effectively.

2) Data Discovery

Open data is useful for companies that are still in the competitive market, allowing companies to find relevant information about data, but the ability to view data in Excel and

Excel may not be an excellent option for identifying information. When you work in Excel, you need to consider what information will help you find relevant information, but Excel.

The advantage of Excel is that you can store data in a tabular format.

It will help you to find the Demons. I made by creating a formula to create an image and evaluate the data, but the worst part about Excel is that the whole process will cause detailed problems with information about the data that is not flexible.

Therefore, education will open the data at the appropriate level.

Tableau discovers the best software to help you find the data freely. You don't need to know the answers you need before the list.

It has built internal functions and internal additions with these features, and you can find the relationship and the skewed. From the past, you will understand the reason for the data.

3) Automation Functionality

Automatic performance allows companies to get the latest information to make crucial decisions. Both Excel and Tableau have great features for working with static data and live data from various sources.

Excel allows you to update the EXCEL table automatically, and it involves several execution processes in processing, such as creating macros. I'll help you update spreadsheets every time you open a file. You can create a simple macro using the EXCEL Power-Pivot and Macro Recorder tool.

But if you want to create or manage complex macros, then you should have some knowledge about VBA (Visual Basic Application).

When you create a macro for the first time, it may take a long time, but when it is created, the time required to perform long-term activities will be low.

On the other hand, the leaderboard is easy to understand when creating processes and calculations. When calculating the score in a table format, we will look into an example.

Then we need to write one formula immediately. It is stored as a field and applies to all lines referenced by the font.

You can also create your formula on the table in the Excel Pivot Power table, and you can find the property formula.

4) Visualizations

Data creation is a crucial point of comparison with Excel and Tableau, thinking about the process of highlighting important information in this dataset.

Excel allows you to manage data at a cell level, then create a manual image, such as diagrams, diagrams, and presentations of PowerPoint to make Excel image creation easier, you need to understand how Excel works seriously.

On the other hand, Tableau is one of the most popular data creation tools around the world. That's why they're describing the data from the beginning in this way, and it will help you to see your value immediately.

Besides, Tableau is also different between communicating using color, label size, and shape, so in the correct processing process, the information will provide the platform to you.

5) Usage

Using Excel is noticed for storing and manipulating data with different actions. Excel saves data in a cell, but you can sort the data in a cell in our settings.

You can also use exciting information. You can use tables and diagrams to view data in Excel. There are also different types of charts to display your data.

On the other hand, the primary use of Tableau is planned, as you know, this is the best data-imaging software. It also provides the best user interface for efficient data-enhancing tasks.

The best part about Tableau is that you can integrate into other software and tools to get raw data, then it's easy to display this raw data.

6) Business purpose

Companies often use Excel to make final reports quickly. Because the story is wholly created in Excel, it provides a spreadsheet where the data of the work data can be pasted and then handled using specific features.

On the other hand, a Tableau is an excellent tool for understanding your data. It has self-service features that help you to understand your data. Data analysts use Tableau to retrieve raw data. In most cases, Tableau will automatically import data from various sources.

7) Ease of use

Excel makes the software easy due to its scope of page performance for beginners who need to enter data and perform basic arithmetic operations.

But if you want to use Excel seriously, you need to know the background (VB), you should enjoy the knowledge of macros for full use.

On the other hand, the Tableau presents the best GUI, and it will give you a skin function instead of Pag-drag, meaning that you do not need any programming skills required to use Tableau.

8) Applications

Excel is extensively used by data analysts, developers, and ETL, and it has functions to analyze data to perform their daily tasks.

On the other hand, Tableau is also famous for data analysts to get a view from the data. Besides, data scientists are also used to perform certain data-aware operations.

9) Stands out

In Excel, it is better to handle the data and descriptive statistics. Daily data analysts use this section to process data descriptions and statistics.

On the other hand, Tableau has created the best data images regardless of the size. Additionally, a large amount of data storage is useful. There are also storage restrictions.

10) Solution

Excel, the most reliable software for a big company, that is why small business is the best and most suitable application. It also uses structured data.

On the other hand, Tableau is an excellent tool for understanding significant data problems. It is also used for large businesses, and you can also use data that is not configured on the table to correctly process data on order.


Now you have an in-depth comparison between Excel and Tableau from this comparison; you can choose what is best. Finally, I want to say that Excel is useful for small actions. On the other hand, the table is helpful for large tasks.

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