JMP vs Minitab: Which is the best statistics Software

by Stat Analytica CEO

In this high-speed world, large numbers of statistical programs are available in the world. It is complicated for beginners to choose one of the best in the future of the statistics industry. Most students face challenges when selecting a JMP and Minitab.

Since JMP and Minitab are the closest competitors in the world of trade statistics, as statisticians, we need to know the real difference between JMP and Minitab.

In this blog, we want to share an in-depth comparison between the two opponents around us. Let's start the comparison between JMP and Minitab: -

Comparison between JMP vs Minitab


JMP Definition

JMP is one of the best and most popular computer applications for statistical analysis. This product is the SAS Institute. SAS was launched in 1989.

The primary purpose of the JMP setting was to use a graphical user interface introduced by Macintosh at that time.

It means that the initial version of JMP was only for Macintosh. But later, the JMP app was rewritten to make it available for Windows.

Minitab Definition

Minitab is also the best and most reliable statistics program for data analysis. The main goal of Minitab's development was Sigma for six developers. Minitab provides its users with a variety of functions.

It will help you to include statistical data effectively. You can also process data, current trends, patterns, and more. All this enables you to respond to current topics.

This statistical program is used for almost every working range, which is small, medium, and even large. Minitab was created by Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr., and Brian L. Joiner at Pennsylvania State University in 1972.

Learning Curve

R learning Curve

JMP, when we compare this to Minitab, doing so is a challenge. But after spending a lot of time learning JMP, you'll find more power than Minitab.

Almost all Minitab features can be found in JMP, but they are not complete. JMP, compared to Minitab, needs a little more education. You can get a formal tutorial from JMP. You can also get an official certificate when you are trained. When we compare this to Excel, JMP is precisely the equivalent of different interfaces.

Minitab Learning Curve

The Minitab interface is very similar to MS Excel. That is, if you're an MS Excel user, you'll find it very easy to use. I will help you choose the right chart by setting it up. But it's not very strong compared to JMP. Minitab also provides formal training support. You can get a little training from their precise locations.


JMP Speed

JMP offers faster speeds than Minitab. You can do the same Minitab work in JMP in the shortest time.

Minitab Speed

Minitab is not JMP as quickly as possible. Doing some things that can happen faster in Minitab requires a lot of time.


JMP cost

JMP from Minitab is very expensive. It has two different types, the first is JMP, and the other is JMP Pro. JMP costs $1,785 per unit annually. On the other hand, JMP Pro costs about US$14,900/unit for you each year.

Minitab Cost

Minitab is ultimately cheaper than JMP. For the new user, $1,595 is available, and the current user is $895. For multi-user packages, you need to quote them for price details.


JMP support

JMP provides excellent support to our customers. Also, to help users can offer a user forum. In this section, you can share your doubts and questions with other JMP users.

Apart from that, it gives you the knowledge base that you can find different documents so that you can find review forms, installation notes, and usage notes. Finally, JMP provides excellent technical support to its users.

Minitab Support

Minitab creates excellent support for its beautiful users. Provides high-quality support to the trainer to help you find answers to common questions and troubleshooting problems.

Apart from that, Minitab Express, accompanying documents, seminars, installation purposes, blogs, and videos, are available to you. It means that Minitab offers 360-degree online support tor end users.


It is now possible to clarify your doubts about JMP comparisons with Minitab. There is no doubt that Minitab is an excellent program. It's also more precise for beginners. But when we talk about performance, there is no evolution in this battle.

JMP from Minitab is very expensive. Learning is also difficult. But the best part is its performance. JMP is finally faster than Minitab and can do the same in a few minutes working like Minitab. In my opinion about comparing JMP with Minitab. JMP is the perfect winner.

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