Precious metal gold is the future

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The reason for this article is to illustrate to readers the cunning of saving in gold today, as precious metal gold is the future, thus ensuring the future for them and their next eras. Tragically, the masses have customized to save their line of paper money, which we all call money, in the banking system, which is the best Ponzi scheme of all time.

For over 5,000 years, gold has been shown to hold its proper value, as well as being the primary reliable precious metal that the masses can accumulate, 1 gram at a time, and it remains a true storehouse of quality, for generations. From the fact that this precious golden metal is the future.

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How safe will your gold savings be?

Like most savings or investments, the most important factor, other than returns, should be safety.

Consequently, it is extremely important to understand why the purchase of precious metal gold should only be acquired through infrastructures and suppliers that are reputable members of the London Bullion Market Association.

Background and role of the LMBA.

This Association was established in 1987 and is a trade association representing the wholesale gold and silver market in London. It should be noted that the LMBA is the most recognized OTC market for gold and silver trading.

The role of the LBMA is to define and promote standards and good business practices to facilitate gold and silver trade.

LBMA activities.

The representatives of the London Bullion Market Association, with their LBMA Good Delivery List, the standard for quality and guarantee of gold and silver bars.

To be qualified for inclusion on the list, applicants must meet defined requirements. For example: standard gold bars according to Good Delivery criteria, also called Good Delivery gold bar, must contain 400 troy ounces. (Approximately 12.5 kg) of gold, but the gold content can vary between 350 troy ounces and 430 troy ounces.

With its Responsible Gold Guide, on January 1, 2012 and thereafter, the LMBA requires all LMBA Good Delivery Refiners to adhere to certain principles in an effort to ensure the supply of conflict-free gold that meets standards.

Members of the LMBA.

The LMBA has more than 120 members and associates. There are 3 different types of members:

1: Members who make price markers quote the prices of gold and silver.

2: Ordinary members include, for example, non-market-making banks, vault operators, mints, and brokers.

3: Associates, for example: refineries and metal trading companies, including banks, as well as inspection or analyzer companies.

9 Realities about metal, gold.

1: Gold is real money.

This valuable gold metal has zero default risk, in lieu of any other asset.


2: This precious metal is not a commodity.

It is not expendable as different elements. Its # 1 use is for resource security.

3: This metal is the most seasoned monetary resource.

Gold is the future and goes on forever. It has survived every action, bonuses and money. It has turned out to be a definitive store of value, for centuries.

4: This sector of the precious metals market is very small.

The estimate of the annual supply of gold is less than the capitalization of the Walmart business sector. The moment financial specialists begin to insure this precious metal, the price usually shoots up.

5: It is near a low cycle.

By recent examples of sell gold, it shows that the next significant move in the price of gold has gone up. Buying gold now is a generally safe business that includes ensuring the safety of your assets.

6: This metal is undervalued.

When we evaluate the cost of gold with a true measure of inflation, it suggests that the price of this precious metal is almost an all-time low.

7: Speculation interest is solid.

Interest in this precious metal is intensifying. The Shanghai Gold Trade has seen a more remarkable level of physical gold withdrawals than at any other time.

8: Production will decrease.

The decline in exploration, creation and storage point to a low supply in the near future.

9: Global central banks buy more gold.

Government buy gold globally continues to increase daily.

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