How to buy investment gold?

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Congratulations if you are wondering how to buy investment gold, you have taken a big step that most of the people around you have not yet taken. Welcome to the club.


Until you reach the conclusion of buying investment gold, you will surely have gone through several phases. Initially I would think: "This economic crisis is something temporary and it will surely be over in a year or two." Later, with the passage of time, you will have noticed that the value of your home had decreased and some of your friends were suddenly unemployed.


To top it off, his government will have told him that one of the most important banks in his country needs an urgent rescue, although until recently those banks seemed to be the most solid and competitive in the world, but it turned out not. Lately, he has also begun to worry about his job and his savings and even his partner, who perhaps before saw all this about the economic crisis as a passing story, begins to have his doubts.

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At some point you wonder that you have to do something, but did not know where to start. Some friend of yours who had been preparing for the longest time may have given you some advice, perhaps read or searched the Internet for words such as "how to prepare for the crisis", "how to protect my savings ", "what banks are insurance”and finally“how to buy investment gold bullion”, perhaps some of those searches have led you to You have indeed come a long way, but it is not over yet.


First the good news, you have done something that most people are still far from doing, which is worrying about protecting your purchasing power and that will help you for a long time.


The bad news is that the “perfect safe haven” chimera, which cannot be taken or stolen from us by third parties or by governments, does not exist. The only true refuge value that no one can take from us is the love of loved ones and the authentic moments of life. The intangibles that we are able to carry in our hearts and minds are the only true refuge values.


This does not mean that we are not going to answer the question of - How to buy investment gold? - because the decision to protect your savings will also help you protect the people you love.


There are two ways to invest in gold


There are two ways to invest in gold . You can invest in physical gold or paper gold . Physical gold can be stored by yourself, or given to a third party for safekeeping on your behalf.


The paper gold (financial products) may or may not be backed by physical gold, but the variety of services and products of these businesses is very large and it is very important to study contracts provider and if possible we should ask a lawyer specialist who reviews the contract, to ensure that it meets all the required security criteria and to understand all the clauses.


The four methods of investment in physical gold that exist, ordered in order of priority are (they are valid for silver, platinum, and investment palladium)


·        Gold coins

·        Gold bullion

·        Stored gold

·        Investment funds (Closed-End Funds)


Paper gold is usually represented in the following categories, although ETF listed funds also exist with variants where there is a% backing in physical gold:


·        Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

·        Gold mine stocks

·        Gold certificates

·        Gold futures and options


The difference between physical gold and paper gold lies in the counterparty risk. Counterparty risk is the risk that the promise of delivery will not be fulfilled due to the bankruptcy of the company, a nationalization by the government or any other reason.


There is nothing more secure than having your physical gold bullion or coin on your property, with unlimited access wherever you store it, preferably purchased anonymously and if possible no one knows you have it. It is the safest form of liquidity that we can imagine. On a small scale this is possible and modest amounts of between 20,000 - 100,000 Euros can be invested in this way (obviously what can be considered a modest amount is always relative).


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If this is your first time investing in gold , it is probably best to buy coins, although most people seem to have a preference for bullion because of the “Hollywood effect,” which makes it seem more exciting to say 'I have bought a bullion. of a kilo of gold ', that' I have a British gold sovereign who only weighs 4 grams '. We recommend that you read the article on how to decide on the right investment gold coins for your needs and in the next article we will give you our vision of how to decide how much money should be invested in gold.

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