Why is gold so precious?

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On World Earth Day we celebrate one of our planet's most precious gifts, gold. Gold has always enchanted the world; it is a source of joy and despair, of conquests and wars. Gold moves many things. But why has it become so precious?

Gold has been a precious raw material since ancient times

The interest in gold goes back over 5000 years. It has always stirred the interests of nations and powerful individuals. The first gold artefacts, especially jewellery, belong to the Egyptian culture and reached the pinnacle of excellence in the Etruscan and Roman civilizations, with the production of objects and ornaments and the minting of coins.

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The beauty of gold's colour and its brilliance are associated with divinity and sunlight, a light that transmits heat, movement and life; gold is perfection and preciousness, a symbol of all that is sacred, the very substance of the gods. Its shades of colours, while retaining a high carat content of pure gold, can range from white to yellow to pink to red.

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The high density (its specific weight is 19 kg / dm3) allows it to be transported easily. A single 1 kg bar, worth in excess E 50,000, is even smaller than an iphone.

Its malleability and ductility makes it extremely easy to work. With 1 ounce of gold, equal to about 31.1035 grams, we can work a 5 micron gold wire 80 km long or beat a gold leaf to cover a surface of 9 square meters!

It is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and this characteristic allows it to be used in the electronics field, for example in the production of the circuitry of many of the devices we use every day.

Its electrical and thermal conductivity are useful in aircraft and even spacecraft where gold is present on glass to shield them and protect them from heat and radiation.

Its biocompatibility allows the use of gold in the medical field and nano-technologies for the treatment of certain diseases, in which the gold nano-particles would target only the sick parts, and are also useful for immediate diagnostic tests.

A truly unique material hidden in the depths of the Earth.

Gold as a safe investment asset

Gold is a metal present in our everyday lives, a real raw material necessary for many uses. For this reason, gold bullion has always had a monetary and investment function. The gold price is determined by supply and demand and has a daily and non-subjective international reference price.

To hold PHYSICAL gold in the form of ingots or coins:

For central banks, it means entrusting metal with the guarantee function against the issue of coins and debts , as well as a reserve function in case of extreme needs.

For private individuals, it means having a store of value to protect themselves from devaluations and economic-political-social uncertainties.

And being able to count on a tangible asset, which guarantees purchasing power over time and gives immediate liquidity, is a need more than ever.

Warning: Gold is not infinite!

Where it came from on Earth or whether it has always been here is still partly a mystery. Recent discoveries suggest that gold is a gift of the stars of a few billion years ago and that it is present in abundance in space. On Earth, however, its quantity is limited.

Mother Nature seems to have allowed today the total extraction of about 190 thousand tons since the beginning of civilization, an amount that could be contained in a hypothetical cube of 21 meters on each side. The global annual demand for gold today is around 4300 tons (50% for jewellery production, 30% for investment in bullion and coins, 10% for central banks and 10% for technology).

In reality, the actual annual extraction is around 2500 tons and opening new mines costs time and money (a mine reaches full production in about 20 years).

This means that the supply of gold must also come from the regeneration of waste and used materials. Regeneration of used gold or the processing of waste back into the purest raw material through a process of melting and chemical refining assists greatly in the supply chain..

In nature nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed!

Make an informed choice: choose ingots and coins in a sustainable style.

For years, The Gold Bullion Company has supported the need to undertake an ethical path in the field of savings and investments. Our mission is to focus on people and their well-being, from workers in the mining industry to investors.

In fact, ethical gold refers to a type of gold that is extracted and processed in compliance with the surrounding ecosystem and in collaboration with the communities involved. Respect for the environment is much more than a fad; it is a necessity for humankind to survive. Respect for workers and communities are uncompromising moral obligations.

This is why we made clear choices and took a position that allowed us to work ethically, maintaining extreme clarity with our customers and consultants. Today the world of investments gives us reason: not only the demand for goods, but also for shares and stocks to follow the eco-sustainable trend, for long-term well-being .

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us! Our Gold consultants are always at your disposal by e-mail ( or by telephone on:01902 623 259.

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