Planetary Transits & Aspects That Make Your Sexual Magnetism Just Irresistible…

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The purpose of this post is to explain to the readers how certain planetary transits and aspects make certain people sexually magnetic and simply irresistible. Each aspect is properly explained for the readers’ understanding. Just go through it carefully and know all about it.


Planetary Transits & Aspects That Make Your Sexual Magnetism Just Irresistible…


JUST SO YOU KNOW – there are some people who are just born with it.

That striking allure deep within them often acts like a magnet for the other people. The interesting thing about them is it’s just not about their appearance – it’s their complete aura and energy which proves very enticing and even irresistible for others to be drawn towards them.


As per experts specialising in reading horoscope tarot cards in Sydney

This takes place due to some planetary transits and aspects which feature in your natal astrology chart. It instills within you a unique degree of magnetism and charm to lure people’s attention and also influence their prospects both in matters of love and work/business.

Let’s Check Out A Few Captivating Planetary Energies

·         Venus Sextile Ascendant

Typically, the person with Venus Sextile Ascendant in their birth chart will consist of a sweet, cordial and appealing demeanor. You like coaxing rather than coercing and your personal charm will appear to be very winning.

That said, these people are often very sensitive and when they don’t get what they want; they will begin wheedling, whining, pouting and even resort to insincere flattery; instead conveying their needs directly.

·         Venus Sextile Pluto

If there is Venus Sextile Pluto present in your birth chart, then your relationships tend to be deep, passionate, intense and very emotional. Simply put – it’s more often than not – All or Nothing for such folks.

Your inner charm and magnetism might prove irresistible, passionate, extremely emotional and deeply intense to someone else. You may even make someone feel so irresistibly attracted to you that end up having little or no control over your intense feelings.

However, if you’re highly magnetic and sexually luring, then the wise course of action would be to not use your power to manipulate other people. Or else very quickly you may end up gaining a bad reputation whenever you do and mingle with people.

·         Venus Trine Ascendant

If you have Venus Trine Ascendant in your birth chart, then more often than not; you will become everyone’s favourite at your present environment. People would like having you around simply because you love to share and know how to make them happy and pleased.

That said, you should make it a point to not take your personal charisma for granted; simply because you may also get very needy for approval or vain from time to time.

·         Pluto Sextile Ascendant

If you consist of Pluto Sextile Ascendant in your birth chart, then you will possess penetrating insights into people as well as a sharp ear and eye for the unspoken, hidden or behind-the-scene aspects of your life.

Moreover; you might also appear intense to some- even make them feel a tad uncomfortable. But on the flip side, beneath the arrogant, perceptive and intense façade; also lies an intense sexual quality which proves very alluring to others around you in a subtle way.

·         Scorpio Rising

Last, but my no means the least is the Scorpio Rising sign. If you have this in your birth chart, then you will appear to be strong-willed, intensely private, proud, secretive, mysterious and even fierce, at times. On the exterior; you will possess a calm and quiet exterior, but underneath will exist a great deal of emotional depth, complexity, fierce determination and sensitivity.

Whenever you go; you will have a unique charm and pull. Plus, if you wish to go after something or someone; you do quietly, wholeheartedly, insistently; and often succeed.

Your natural reserve will make you appear much like am enigma long with traits of self-protecting and defensive mindedness. But your magnetic appeal and intense quality often arouses potential interests- be it to love or to fornicate!

Final Say

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The author is a specialist in horoscope and tarot card reading in Sydney and has been doing this for a while. The author offers live sessions over Skype and proves beneficial to many people needing help. Besides this, the author also likes blogging and often posts intriguing facts about horoscope and tarot card reading to make more people believe and trust in this skill form.


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