Backflow Preventions At Your Commercial Property – What All Should You Know?

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The post explains backflow issues, the main causes of backflow and the common preventers which professional plumbing technicians use resolve this otherwise dangerous problem. Go through the post and you will learn everything you need to know about this common issue.


Backflow Preventions At Your Commercial Property – What All Should You Know?


In simple terms- backflow preventions stands as a plumbing term denoting the reverse flow of water inside a water system! They can be complex issues and should be inspected properly by a licensed, experienced and certified backflow prevention inspector operating in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney!

They will come over to your commercial property and determine the cause of the issue. Plus, they will also identify the appropriate devices and assemblies to install and prevent the backflow from completely contaminating the common water supply.

Let’s Dig Deeper Into Understanding What Causes Backflow?

In words of professional plumbing technicians operating across the Eastern Sydney suburb –there are 2 main causes for backflow to occur. They include as follows –

i.                    Back Siphonage

The inconvenience of back siphonage arises when the water distribution system experiences a negative pressure! Due to this negative pressure, the flow of water reduces considerably and makes it draw water from a private to a public water system.

Some expert plumbers serving the region also believe that the issue could be due to either some leakage problem in the main water supply or a due to high water withdrawal.

ii.                 Back Pressure

The inconvenience of back pressure takes place when the existing water pressure inside your commercial property’s plumbing set-up surpasses the pressure limit inside the water distribution lines. Often this could cause the regular flow of water to overturn.

Such issues take place in pressurized systems namely – chemical feed pumps, boilers, re-circulating systems and so on!

Moving Over – Common Indicators of Backflow Issues

Typically; there are 3 distinctive indicators of a backflow issue. They include as follows –

·         An Illness outbreak

·         Noticeable changes in the water pressure

·         Or clear evidence of water contamination

That said… at times backflow can go undetected.

And here’s why!

ü  Perform random sampling and monitoring at times not be able to detect a possible transient bacterial contamination. Also the existing water might not be examined thoroughly and frequently to determine whether a backflow issue actually exists.

ü  While visible changes in the existing water pressure may point out a possible backflow issue; using conventional pressure-monitoring equipment might fail to detect any reduced pressure- more so if it is local. However, this reduced water pressure may happen due to flushing or line breaks. And it should be immediately inspected and taken care of via professional plumbing technicians.

ü  When there’s an ongoing chronic health hazard, it may prove difficult for pro plumbers to link the backflow due to this spread of illness. Again, if left unchecked, the issue can very quickly escalate and take the shape of a dreadful epidemic outbreak.

Popular Backflow Preventers Which Expert Plumbers Often Resort To

Fortunately; to stop this backflow issue, professional plumbing technicians look to use these common backflow preventers.

Check Them Out!

·         Double-check valve

·         Pressure vacuum breaker

·         Air gap preventer

·         Reduced pressure principle

·         Atmospheric vacuum breakers


Never ignore a backflow issue if you come across it. Look out for the proper indications and if anything appears suspicious; be sure to summon experienced plumbers to inspect it and take care of it.

Moreover, they will also perform pipe replacements, new pipe installations and repair leaking pipes all across Eastern suburbs Sydney (if needed) at competitive rates!


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The author runs a plumbing company and caters to all types of leaking pipes, backflow issues and many other plumbing concerns for so many commercial and domestic clients across Eastern Suburbs in Sydney. With that, the author also posts informative blogs to educate the readers regarding various plumbing related tips and solutions to its relating issues. 

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