Pilgrims are not allowed to trim their hair while Ihram

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Though head-shaving is one of the compulsory rituals of both Hajj and Umrah, yet it is performed in a certain time. The pilgrims are not allowed to trim their hair until they reach a definite period. Trimming means shaving, scissoring, pulling or any other way to remove the hair. Since not a single hair is allowed to remove, so that’s why combing is not permissible as it causes pulling the hair as well.   

Thus pulling hair is penalized in the state of Ihram, so you must avoid whenever you get a chance to perform Umrah. There are many other rituals of Umrah which you should know before going to proceed major or minor pilgrimage. And for that purpose, Islamic Travel offers low price 5 star 2020 hajj and umrah package with a family with hotel and flight along with comprehensive detail of all rituals and their penalties as well. 

As for as hair removing has concerned in the state of Ihram, so even pilgrims are not allowed to scratch the body as for nothing because there are several chances of hair-pulling. On the other hand, if hair causes severe discomfort then pilgrims are allowed to remove the hair being a penalized one. While taking bath hair might be befallen, so in such case, there is no penalty. However, pilgrims should avoid harshly scratching during the bath. If pilgrims intentionally remove their hair of heads or armpits, so they should pay a penalty of one sheep.   

While, if pilgrims shave their heads due to some of the serious problems such as allergic or sensitized, so they are permissible to remove the hair being a penalized at the choice of one sheep, three days fasting or feeding six poor people. However, if pilgrims have the choice of feeding six poor people, so they must provide them each of the two portions of food almost one and a half kilogram.
In the case of shaving, armpit has the same penalty as head-shaving because of severe illness. If pilgrims pull the hair from the part of the head, face and beneath the chin or alike, then feeding one poor person is sufficient for them. 

Pilgrims are even not allowed to pull the hair of another individual who is either in the state of Ihram or not. Yet, there is no penalty in such prohibition. The purpose of prevention the pulling hair of another person by pilgrim is to enhance the importance of shaving the heads in Mena. Indeed, Mena is the place where pilgrims slaughter the animals and shave their heads by remembering the great sacrifice of Ismael (AS). 

Therefore, each act of removing hair deliberately has a penalty. On the contrary, such as in the case of ignorance or forgetfulness then there is no penalty. However, pilgrims must keep an eye on every segment of proceeding the Hajj or Umrah during the Ihram. When pilgrims complete all the rites of Ihram then they are allowed to shave their heads. 

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