Performance Of Your Old Tyres VS New Tyres

by Superior Cars Auto Repair Garage in Northampton

Tyres have come a long way from wooden to rubber tyres as the technology has advanced. The tyre industry matters because your tyres are among the most important parts of your vehicle. Considered essential because they perform some of the crucial functions like bringing your vehicle into motion. Apparently, your Car Tyres Northampton provide you and your vehicle with the best benefits.

It is often seen that motorists don't usually pay attention to their tyres. This is one of the biggest mistakes related to vehicle maintenance. You are missing out on an important aspect of safety. By ignoring the well-being of your tyres, you are making driving difficult and unsafe for yourself.

All tyres will become old one day, though frequent use makes them age faster. There is a way you can keep your tyres working as if they are new – Car maintenance. It is highly important to get your tyres repaired from time to time because this way you can increase the life of your tyres and also enhance their performance. By making minor changes over time, you can bring about major turnover in your vehicle's performance. By fixing problems in your tyres, getting them repaired, you are maintaining the consistency of your tyre's life. It is a better and cost-effective way because buying new tyres can cost you a huge amount.

When is the need for new tyres?

Without checking the working stability and condition of your tyres, you must not conclude on buying a new pair of tyres. New tyres are better but they can be extremely expensive. So it is important that whenever you plan on buying tyres, you must check your tyres thoroughly.

You don't need to buy new tyres if-

  • The tread of the tyre is more than 1.6 mm and is not bald.

  • If the tyre surface or rubber is absolutely fine

  • Even if there are some minor punctures – they can be repaired.

  • If the tyres are out of service, get them serviced before buying new ones.

However, you should keep an eye on their health and replace them as needed. It is suggested to get your tyres repaired, and checked before purchasing new ones.

New tyres are considered the best and they are if your older pair of tyres are extremely worn out and can't be used.

Some of the advantages of using New tyres-

New tyres provide more grip- If you've had your tyres for more than 5 years, the tread must have worn down to the point where the ability to maintain proper grip has been compromised. If you use brand new tyres, on the other hand, the grip they produce is far too hard for the desired motion.

New tyres provide better stopping- The ability to maintain grip will be better in your new tyres. With better grip comes, shorter stopping distance, better traction, and improved handling. So in all, your new tyres will provide you with an enhanced drive.

Increased performance- The distance it takes for your automobile to come to a halt or the speed at which you may enter a turn is determined by the quality of your tyres. They have an impact on how much power your car can transfer to the ground and whether you can safely regulate it by braking quickly enough. The vast majority of tyres are designed for performance, with sticky compounds and aggressive tread patterns. Make sure the tyre you choose is appropriate for the performance category you'll be using it in (i.e. summer, all-year, racing).

Improved Safety- Safety is one of the most important features of your tyres. A freshly manufactured Daihatsu Tyres Northampton will have good tread and rubber that will improve all most every aspect of your driving. These tyres can handle difficult situations as compared to older ones. If your older tyres are getting bald, don't put yourself in danger and change them as soon as possible.

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