Performance Tyres Vs Seasonal Tyres

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The tyre companies are leaving no stone unturned in making tyre consumers happy by offering them various tyres. Technology has improved a lot in recent times, and there are different types of vehicles available now.

Earlier, there were an only passenger and luxury cars, but nowadays, we witness sports cars, jeeps, SUVs, and others daily. As a result, there are more types of tyres available today as compared to earlier times. Let's talk about seasonal tyres and performance Bridgestone Tyres Faversham and understand their uses and importance. 

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are designed to enhance the performance of a car. They are designed to make sure the overall abilities of the car are maximized. They are generally used in sports cars and SUVs. The main objective of these cars is to provide an exhilarating experience to the passengers.

We play games like Need For Speed and watch movies like Fast & Furious, and it is only logical to assume that these have increased the demand for performance tyres and sports cars. Performance tyres have superior treads that optimize the vehicle's handling and provide top-level stability even at high speed.

Also, these tyres have reinforced sidewalls so you can drift your car without thinking about the accident or apply brakes at high speed. For those who love adventures and want to extract the most from their cars, performance tyres are for them. 

It is important to understand that not everyone can use performance tyres because of the simple fact that they are not made for every type of vehicle. You can't expect them to provide fuel efficiency by fitting them in your normal passenger cars. The thing is, the basic aim of these tyres is to provide an exhilarating experience, and they do that. 

Seasonal Tyres

Seasonal tyres are those tyres that are designed to perform in a specific season. They are special tyres with unmatchable qualities to work effectively in the summer and winter seasons. The two most popular types of seasonal tyres are winter tyres and summer tyres. 

Winter Tyres

When the temperature is less than 7 degrees Celsius, it is advisable to use winter tyres. These tyres are designed with deeper tread blocks that can provide firm grip and steadiness on a wet winter road. However, it is important to note that roads in winters remain wet and slippery because of snow and water, and not all tyres can run on them.

Also, the biggest fear that people have in winters is aquaplaning, which could be even deadly in some cases. Winter tyres reduce this risk as their treads are sharp and deep, not letting water or snow store beneath the surface. 

Summer Tyres

What makes summer tyres special is their ability to maintain stability at a fast pace. They make driving more comfortable and hassle-free as one does not have to worry about losing grip or handling them.

In summers, roads become dry, and the heat also affects the tyre by damaging the sidewall and tread. Rubber compounds present in the tyres cannot face such heat, but summer tyres have firm rubber in them that doesn't melt in the heat.

It remains hard but supple enough to provide stability. It is, however, important to note that you should not use summer tyres if the temperature decreases more than 7 degrees Celsius. In cold temperatures, summer tyres receive lots of wear and tear, and they become obsolete quickly. 


Seasonal tyres and performance tyres both have their benefits, and over the years, they have gained immense popularity because of their significance. There is no right answer about which Tyres Faversham is better as it depends on person to person.

The needs and requirements determine the type of tyre that the owner should use. That being said, call an expert when you find yourself in a similar situation. 

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