One of the devoted Sahabi of Madinah

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Amr bin Thabit (RA) commonly known as “Uhayrim” was from Madinah. In the early, he was continued to oppose the new faith “Islam” in Madinah while all members of his tribe embraced Islam. During the Battle of Madinah, he thought about the Muslims what thing forced them to face death. At exploring, he came to know about the Shahadah (Martyrdom) the eternity of life hereafter as well as not death. So, Allah (SWT) granted him Hidayah and he decided to embrace Islam. Thus, he read the Kalmah and entered true faith.       

Then it was unbearable for him to stay in Madinah after accepting Islam comfortably while his Muslim brothers fought against the vicious Pagan and shed their blood. He restrained himself with a sword and advanced to Uhud where the Muslim army fought bravely. The remarks of Uhud Battle are still found by agents who provide umrah hajj package to pilgrims. Yet, as Amr (RA) reached Uhud there was most violent moment went on. He fought in such devotion even injured and fell down. Uhayrim (RA) got immense devotion of Martyrdom as that was the cause of entering Islam.

Since during the Uhud war Muslim had to meet the great loss due to the disobedience of archers who left their defending place despite the instruction of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Infidels almost ran away but when they found the fearless defending spots, meanwhile they returned and attacked the Muslim army backside that created a dreadful situation. Several Muslims got martyrdom in the Battle of Uhud. At the end of the battle, Sahaba found Uhayrim (RA) while rescuing the Mujahedeen who were injured. 

They were astonished to see the Uhayrim among the Muslim injured who was about to breathe his last breath. They were very staggered because they knew him as a disbeliever. They advanced him and asked "O Amr! Why did you fight whether to help your tribe or to help Islam? At that Amr (RA) explained the situation and told them about his faith in Islam.

He told them that he had come there and had fought against infidels because of his own desire for Islam as he had embraced Islam and believed in Allah and His Messenger. When I read the Kalama of true faith I found a new Imaan (vigorous) then took my sword and came here to fight against the polytheists in the way of Allah and His Messenger." 

He also told them that he had a great urge to get Shahadat (martyrdom) which made him Muslim and took him at the battlefield as well. After a short while, Amr (RA) again read Kalmah and got martyrdom as he had a great desire. The spot is a witness of his devotion at the battlefield of Uhud and number of Muslims visit who go to Makkah with the cheapest package for umrah after performing the minor pilgrimage. 

The Shaba (companions) informed Prophet (SAW) what Amr (RA) said. The Prophet (SAW) called him a man of Paradise. Yet he spent just a little time with Islam but got the immense reward. After several years of the incident, Abu Hurairah (RA) asked the people that tell him the name of a person who did not offer even a single prayer but would enter Jannah. People were all surprised to hear that and could not reply. Then, he (RA) said Amr (RA) by telling them a story of great devoted Sahabi. 

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